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1st September 2000, 08:01
In the latest stats run for Club Teams, it looks like the difference between "official" and "individuals-summed" has narrowed/disappeared.

Sisyfos: could you do a quick setiteam run, and compare with the official stats?


1st September 2000, 09:23
This looks very promising. I just made a top 30 list yesterday for ranks reference, and todays Berkeley numbers seem very likely.
Furthermore the rankings are correct.

Just for nitpicking I did a web look-up on MURC.

Description The Matrox Users' SETI Group! For all Matrox users everywhere. (Esp. From the MURC, forums and Matrox employees!)
Web site click here
Members 532
Results received 202148
Total CPU time 272.60 years
Founder SteveC

Sum up of individual members = 202400 (pasted to Excel)

The numbers are more apart than would be normal as Breezer was doing a major dump at the same time.

Martin, do you know where the team number comes from? It's obviously precompiled in some manner seeing that it's returned very quickly, long before the total query is finished.
Some skewing of the numbers should be normal as members aren't dumping on a predefined schedule, but it seems they got rid of the horrible "roaming" members backlog.
Just hope this isn't just a manual fix and will start drifting again when left to automation.


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1st September 2000, 11:54
Excellent. Let's hope that this is a permanent fix...

I have no idea where the team total number comes from. The fact that it's displayed long before the rest of the page (if that's what you're referring to) doesn't mean much: that's just your browser choking on the big table (which has to be loaded completely before it can be rendered).


1st September 2000, 12:40
Martin, it is what I'm referring to.
Browser table rendering speed couldn't account for it alone???
This is how I see it working.
Query: ...lookup=matrox+users
returning info and team WUs (browser building table)
looking up breezer and returning WUs
looking up ees and returning WUs
etc. etc. etc.
browser building table

Anyway, I gather that the reason they've got a seperate %team total% number, that is not a fresh sum of individual member look-up, is for stats generation. When the stats pages are updated this %team total% only needs to be referred to, hence being a much ligther database load.
I'm speculating that this %team total% is updated whenever a person, like myself, is doing a team look-up anyway. Of course it would also have to be updated on a scheduled basis. This last is pure speculation. But speculating is fun http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


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1st September 2000, 12:51
If they are not doing their stats updating with DB triggers (ie. records roll themselves up), then they need DB help bad.
Unless they have the DB on a weak machine that can't take the overhead.
We have a rollup report that takes almost an hour to run. So, we also have DB triggers that roll the report up into summary tables continuously, triggered by DB activity.