View Full Version : Boo! Hiss! Humbug!

30th August 2000, 16:13
I lost six or seven work units today, and I'm a little miffed with SETI. This seems to happen every time their server goes down, and it seems to go down a lot these days.

Sorry about the rant. My regard about State of California employees has never been high, my opinion of UC professional staff is worse, and my frequent SETI mishaps do nothing to improve my disposition.


30th August 2000, 16:30
I'll have to agree. It's bordering ludicrous.


Sir Hitech
31st August 2000, 00:33
Sadly, I have to agree with paulcs. If it wasn't for the good of the team and for the good of science I would've stop crunching and tell SETI people to shove my wu's up their axx couple months ago. For the people who have large stock pile of machines churning out hundreds and thousands of wu's daily, 10 wu's lost here and there doesn't mean that much to them. For majority of us 10 wu's is day(s) of anticipation and patience. I understand that machines go down and network outages do happen and they don't have control over it. BUT, how about a plan B? Set up mirrored data servers at different locations and STOP fxxxking with the data servers, MORONS! Use another server for testing purpose. Hey, if I want to beta test for you, I'll sign up for it! Just stop messing with my wu's! God Damn it!

Okay, I feel better now...