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29th August 2000, 01:25
Howdy folk,

I've been running SETI for 1.26 years (according to them hehe) on a PII400 with 192mb ram, win2k, plenty of multitasking and it takes about 9 hours per work unit.... What the hell are these pple running (software and hardware) who get 1.5 to 3.5 hrs per worth unit???


29th August 2000, 01:35
OK NP - I read some past threads and poped up a few web pages with optimisation guides.... no need to spoon feed me anythign else : )


29th August 2000, 03:17
But what about to change to our team? We need everyone.


PS: 9 hrs for a PII 400 is normal

29th August 2000, 22:03
Nooooo I have a coupla of my own teams : )

For SETI theres just me and my grandmother...

For DNet theres me, my uncle, and about 20 computers from where I used to work... : )

for now I like seeing how far I can get by myself... plus my 200 or so work units have already gone to my team so it won't benifit u that much...

On the nasty front I now LOATH matrox products but I'm stuck with 'em.... so forgive me that I'm not leaping to join the team - the MURC pple seem nice, just Matrox Pty Ltd is the point of my fury...