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15th August 2000, 13:22
I was just wondering if you's have all tried to optimise Seti on your machines - ie by trying out different versions, running batches, maximising RAM speed etc.

The reason I ask is because I am effectively running on ~1GHz worth of systems 24/7 and am keeping up with a guy (Yea, it's you ScooterX!) who is running over 3GHz worth - maybe he isn't running it as much as me (24 hours each and every day except holidays http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif). So I wanted to see if we could help everybody go a little faster - if unoptimised machines were optimised they could produce anywhere upto 100% more units - or beyond! I'm sure this would make a big difference to the team.

Maybe the guys who produce exceptional times for units relative to other similar machines could post a few tips. Little things like switching memory to CAS2 helped me quite a bit and could improve others too. And Rags uses Win2k and GUI with most services switched off I believe which helps his times.


PS: As for thanking me for noticing you are welcome ScooterX - though I could hardly not notice it! I had been away for 3 weeks and would've been in the top 100 had I left my machines on - but I believe we had a few powercuts which might have caused problems!

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15th August 2000, 13:56
The largest factor on Seti performance is the Front Side Bus speed. This is why a 300MHz Celeron overclocked to 450MHz (100Mhz FSB) is faster then a 533 Celeron running at it's default 66MHz FSB. In your bios, make sure that the following settings are disabled; Shadow system Bios, Shadow video Bios; Cache video RAM! If you have CAS2 RAM, make sure that it's set to 2 in the Bios, CAS2@124MHz FSB is faster then CAS3@133MHz FSB!!!!! Change the cpu L2 latency! Since the L2 cache is used very intensively, the latency is very important celeron, PII&P3 have a default latency of 8 my KATMAI runs fine with a latency of 1(but 2 is faster for me?). This lowerd my times by 0.5h. The L2 latency doesn't pertain to CuMines since their latency is 0 by default.
Get the 2.0 client! If you do run the GUI version, make sure that you've set the screen saver to blank after 0 minutes. Overclock your system!

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18th August 2000, 18:13
I found CLi v2.4 slighly faster than v2.0

Thanks for the tips BTW http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif hehe ,don't worry I already knew most of them.

Here's an extra 1 for you ,you'll have to do a stabilty test on your system after you've set it.
Enable SDRAM precharge

I guess I won't recruit for my team here ;) Team Anandtech