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10th August 2000, 03:55
At 12.30 Matrox Users stat (300 by rank) there's 3 appearances by (unknown), all of them losing WUs on last delta.

200 -107
224 - 44
252 - 32

What's up with that???

10th August 2000, 05:10
Hey Sisyfos,

You really keep an eye on things, eh http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif? Excellent!

First, the (unknown)'s. Damn, they're a pain in the ass...

The Unknowns are the ones that don't have a nick listed on Seti's stat-pages. Therefore, there's no easy and surefire way for me to distinguish "Unknown #1" from "Unknown #2".

What I do in my scripts, is to assume that Unknowns don't swap places. The highest-ranked Unknown (who was on rank 139) is Unknown #1, the second-ranked is Unknown #2, etcetera. (I don't list them as "Unknown #1, #2" of course, but that's not really important.)

This, of course gets nasty when:
- Unknown #2 passes Unknown #1. How should I know? Unknown #2 simply inherits part of Unknown #1's history. Which, of course, is incorrect.
- We loose an Unknown (either because he chooses a nickname after all, or because he moves to another team).

The second scenario is what happened here. As far as I can see, whoever was at rank 139 (and didn't have a nickname) has left the building. So now, the top-ranked (unknown) has inherited the history of the guy that left, and therefore "lost" WUs. (Unknown #1 used to be at rank 139, now he's at rank 200.)

Of course, I could try to be more clever about this (keep track of the number of Unknowns, keep track of their WU-history and try to compensate for "abnormal" shifts in WUs, etcetera). But I figured it's not worth it. Just fill in a nickname, will ya?

Then, about your PNG being out of focus: it takes some time (typically up to ten minutes maximum) before all the pictures are uploaded from my workstation to seti.matroxusers.com. So if you look just a few minutes past xx:30, you may see the picture of the hour before. And if you gained a spot during that hour, it would have been off by one. Could that be the cause? Because you're perfectly "in focus" when I looked. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

As for the member count being off by one: dunno, hadn't noticed.

Thanks for the feedback,

10th August 2000, 07:07
Fresh eyes from a newbie, eh?
Well, I had a day off from work so what better to do than nitpick around a little http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

Funny that someone would sign up without a nickname, It never crossed my mind not to write something.

About the .png, I had also uploaded a WU just prior to the 12.30 stats, so I kind of figured I had been too eager.

Thanks for all your answers Martin (if I may).

How's team spirits by the way? Are we aiming for top 20???

10th August 2000, 09:37
I personally want MU in the Top 20.But I think that we don't have the processing Power.


10th August 2000, 16:15
Another thing!

If you use http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_25678.html it shows the member count correctly.

Wheras the cgi link http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/cgi?cmd=team_lookup&name=matrox+users shows 1 too high (has done that since 491, before that I don't know).

Finally, I noticed that my .png is out of focus i.e. I'm the color beneath white.

Something is askew methinks.

Any answers to all of this will be greatly appreciated (well, I wouldn't mind anyway).

11th August 2000, 10:58
It's possible that they did put a name in with some odd characters that weren't acceptable.
Also we had at least 1 team member who did put an ordinary name in & it STILL didn't show!:|

I guess I won't recruit for my team here ;) Team Anandtech