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5th August 2000, 15:12
I haven't had the time to get more than one result yet, but with 9 hours it looks as it's 50% slower than ver. 2.70
Ver. 2.70 is the fastest seti@home I've used, except some slow wu.

Ver. 2.71 includes some new analyzing of chirp rates that wasn't in the previous version. Because of this, Berceley thinks this version shall be 50% slower than ver. 2.04.

If no significant bugs found, ver. 2.71 should probably be released as ver. 3.
And yes, it's force-upgrade to ver. 3 for all users of seti@home. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

6th August 2000, 15:30
Hmm...reports on this are diverging. I snooped around on AnandTech fori and rumour has it, that only the P5 cores get penalized with this version whereas P6 cores benefit from it (maybe some L2 size tweaking).
One guy reported that he went from ~5h on 2.70 to ~3h.15m on 2.71, but it may have been a fluke.
I'm trying out 2.71 myself and it seems about the same as CLC 2.40 (2.71 in systray no graphics). I'm using SetiSpy for guestimating the total time, but the reports are fluctuating a lot. Seems the crunching speed varies through the WU, maybe because of FFT.

6th August 2000, 15:48
Well, for me, this version is slower. Still it has some dual-nature. Non-gausian units is done in around 6 hours, while normal units uses over 9 hours. But low-angle-range units is fast, not slow as in 2.70

I have only a couple of results yet, and since graphic version, the results fluctuates greatly due to how much I'm using the computer. But still, I haven't got a 100+ hour result yet, as I got with ver. 2.00 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

7th August 2000, 10:58
Here's the that thread mentioned for more WU times

Here's another for Athlon times

I guess I won't recruit for my team here ;) Team Anandtech