View Full Version : Can't send in finished WUs

3rd August 2000, 17:03
Is it just me, or is it impossible to send in finished WUs lately? The data server is supposed to be back up and running, but I can't seem to send in any completed units. I've been caching a bunch so I'm not idle, but I still can't send any in. Here's the error message from the winnt cmdline v2.4:

Sending result - connecting to server.
recv fd=108 n=-1, errno=2
Unexpected end of data from server

Is anyone else experiencing this?

(edit) - BTW, I can download new WUs just fine.

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Brian R.
3rd August 2000, 18:02
I am not having any trouble with the server. Downloading or uploading finished WUs.

Maybe you're just trying at bad times of the day...

3rd August 2000, 18:17
Actually, it turns out is was a beta PPP over Ethernet client I was running on Windows 2000. I reverted back to the one provided by my DSL provider, and it works again. Thanks for the reply though...