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26th July 2000, 14:36
Make sure your seti cache is full, seti will be down for a while soon.

July 26th, 2000


Tomorrow, the router upgrade should happen. The outage is being advertised as starting at 13:30 UT and lasting 1/2 hour.

We will very likely have an extended outage on Monday, 7/31/00. We will post the time soon. This outage will last many hours, as it involves rebuilding the science database. When we rebuilt our database 2 weeks ago, expedience and available hardware forced us to rebuild in a less than optimal manner. Our entire db is now being driven off a single SCSI channel. Not very good! Monday's rebuild will allow us to spread the db over multiple PCI and SCSI channels. We will also arrange the disk arrays so that we can expand in a load balanced manner.

We apologize for the extended outage and for the inevitable but temporary sluggishness once we come back online. In the long run though, this should give the project a more responsive database with a larger capacity.


27th July 2000, 17:34
Or Q http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

I guess I won't recruit for my team here ;) TA

Brian R.
30th July 2000, 12:24
The Monday outage will start 15:30 UT. It will last at least 16 hours, probably more.

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