View Full Version : I jsut read that ME doesn't have command line.

2nd July 2000, 10:06
Are we forced to use the screen saver version if we upgrade?


2nd July 2000, 10:08
That's no big deal, the GUI version is just as fast, actually a bit faster, if you set it up correctly (at least it is for me).


2nd July 2000, 16:56
The commandline version should still run - Microsoft have removed legacy support for hardware only really and have largely hid DOS rather than removed it.

Batch file running may be questionable but I'd bet that the CLI version will run at least.

Rags has an 'unusual' system to say the least - it's incredibly tweaked for running Seti so you may find that the GUI version is a lot slower (as I did!).

But anyone that gets WUs done in 2 hours must be good http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif.


2nd July 2000, 22:43
The batch-files works just fine under Win Me.


2nd July 2000, 23:22
So i don't understand. Your telling me the cli version runs under ME, so what happens when you run it? Does it bring up a cli? If so, that probably means that there is a cli prompt somewhere to open up. And what do yo mean by they hid it? Are all of the dos commands still there?


3rd July 2000, 11:22
You can open up a DOS "box" in Windows ME just like you can in Windows 98 SE and earlier versions. The only place you'll notice the lack of command line is when you hit "F8" at bootup. You have to use a boot disk to get to a pure DOS mode is to make a Windows "Startup Disk" (same way you make one in 98 or 95).

SETI@Home will still run just fine, at least it does for me. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


7th July 2000, 01:42
From what ive heard, its still there... just hidden. We should be fine.

13th July 2000, 01:18
I suppose if you could call having to click "Start", then "Run" then typing "command" hidden... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif