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20th June 2000, 13:27
Hi guys,

I have my account doing fairly well with the 2 PCs on my LAN crunching away under my account. I also host a LAN game/party every few weeks and a few of the people there want to help my effort - I gave the first one my email address but that means he doesn't know what his stats are (coz he's adding WUs to my account).

So - what I'd like to do is have a team for my LAN which has everybody on it crunching - and then my team would join the murc one.

Is this possible?



20th June 2000, 13:49
As a group, why don't all of you share the amount of WUs completed (and the credit) from your computer? He would know about how he is doing by keeping track of 10 or 20 WUs and average the time to complete them all.

I don't know how units submitted from a single source could be split up at MURC or SETI@home as you ask.

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20th June 2000, 23:24
Paul: it ain't possible. Why don't they just create their own seti-account?

Be sure to make them join seti@murc though http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


21st June 2000, 14:45
Martin, the reason for many people to use the same account is to replace you as number one. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Pace, all can use SetiLog to log their results, and add to the same account. Together with SetiWatch they can see how many units they have submitted, how long time ++.
Both programs is on http://members.home.net/mloukko/SETI.html

21st June 2000, 15:53
Right thanks guys - I heard somebody say it was possible but I didn't think they had tried it - just assuming it was and telling everybody their assumption - oh well - looks like only one of them want to run Seti anyway - but I'm happy with him adding to my account at the moment as he would probably join team Slashdot.

When the people come up for the LAN games though they drop the machines of the evening before - so they'll be crunching Seti till they arrive!

Hehe - any way to hide it from them during the games http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif?