View Full Version : Seti@home on Ramdrive

12th June 2000, 14:16
Did anyone tried to run Seti@home client from ramdrive? For me it's seems to be about 10% faster than running from harddrive.

13th June 2000, 06:13
Yup, I tried it a few months ago... didn't improve my time at all.

It probably has something to do with the harddisk. If it's a slow harddisk or even worse, if it's not using DMA then disk writes might impact Seti.

I have an IBM DeskStar 34GXP myself running in UDMA4 mode. It can handle something like 20 MB/s in continuous disk writes (don't quote me, I'm not sure about the number), so the few bytes Seti writes once per minute don't have any noticeable negative effect.