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2nd June 2000, 12:32
Well, somebody over in our IS department decided that we engineers shouldn't be allowed to "squander company resources" by running Seti, so the software is now banned on our network. Here is the email I got today from our network security people...

Unauthorized Use of Company Resources

A number of employees at this location have downloaded a screen saver (SETI@home) that establishes an unauthorized connection to the Internet. This screen saver is a piece of scientific analytical software, which performs a large set of mathematical operations on data that is downloaded from Berkeley University. When the screen saver kicks in, it processes data provided by an outside entity via the Internet and reports the results back to Berkeley.

The company has not investigated the potential security risk associated with this screen saver. Therefore, if you are using it, please remove the screen saver immediately. Additionally, the location firewalls have been reconfigured to block access to the screen saver site in the future.

While we understand employees’ interest in taking part in a project of this nature, it is not an appropriate use of the company's resources. As a reminder, our security policy requires formal authorization from the company to establish a connection between an outside company or University and any system at this site.

I've really enjoyed being able to contribute to this team, but my WU output from this point forward is questionable. I plan on bringing my two PCs at home online to process WUs but they are nearly as fast as the servers I was using. I've got a 600E @800 MHz and a celery 300A @450 MHz. I'll crunch as fast as I can, but I won't be putting out 24-32 WUs a day anymore. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif This sucks...


2nd June 2000, 13:52
Sorry to hear that Eric.

Btw, there's an oddity in that email.

"When the screen saver kicks in, it processes data provided by an outside entity via the Internet and reports the results back to Berkeley"

Surely you tried telling them that it won't have an open connection to the internet while it crunches the data?


2nd June 2000, 19:18
That's rather harsh!:|

Tell 'em they need to see a shrink ,they're paranoid!


To me the 'provided by' means something that's already downloaded.But perhaps they don't mean it that way?worth checking...

2nd June 2000, 19:30
That's what I meant, Assim...

When shortening it to it processes data provided by an outside entity via the Internet[, you could read it as an open port all the time. Which it clearly isn't.


2nd June 2000, 21:32
Jorden, we weren't given a chance to tell them anything. The email was sent as a directive, with no repsonse either expected or accepted. They even notified my direct supervisor and had him come by my cubicle to instruct me to remove the software in person! My boss is sympathetic to the cause, but he has no influence with the network guys. They are an autonomous group possessing almost dictator-like authority with respect to all things computer related.

I'll just keep on crunching with my PCs at home. A few WUs are better than none at all http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif.


3rd June 2000, 01:56
This is so...ARGGHHH!!!

You are now the second of us who is not able to crunch anymore using normal ways....

I suggest that you send yourself E-Mails with WU's attached and crunch them with the commandline_client at firm.


5th June 2000, 13:15
Woohoo! I've located a server to crunch WUs on that's about the same speed as the one I was using before! The only problem is that it has no external internet connection, so I had to write my own little scripts for batch processing and WU caching for the command line client and I have to upload the WUs using a ZIP disk. I'm crunching my first set of 48 WUs as I type. I should be able to upload these groups of 48 every two days or so... It's good to be back in business! (keeping my fingers crossed)... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


5th June 2000, 14:55
Hi Eric,

good to read it took a good turn in the end ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I surely wish I could use all of our machines at work, but that's also a no go ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

Just keep on crunching !


6th June 2000, 01:28
Why Maggi? Isn't it allowed or are they in heavy use?

Anyway, probably tomorrow I'll post the units which were crunched secretly.


6th June 2000, 16:23
Hi Mega,

those are working rigs for high end 3D animation and compositing ... we earn our daily bread with those and need them flawless.

11th June 2000, 09:21
Like Mega said...

The directive covers the screen-saver version only.

Switch to the non-screen saver version...

LOL... Those network idiots...

Guyv http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

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