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5th June 2000, 11:02
Well, i havent been running SETI on this machine for like a week now becuase of a problem with this system. SETI(and not to mention everything else, windows and games) has been running too slow, like seti was doing 48hours per work unit. i though it might be a motherboard problem, so i switched. I also tried re-installing the G400 drivers about 40 times (using uninstall, blah blah blah http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif ) and nothing helped. I have none of the common problems (irq, agp size, etc.). I accept that i probably need to re-install windows (no big deal).

Well today i got me Hercules 3dProhpetII in the mail today, as i won it in a Ut tourny at E3. For kicks i threw it in my system, and BANG... NO problems at all! Everything is running great again(but it looks like ass http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif)

What the hell is up with this?
Any ideas? Now SETI is working great.... as are games and Windows. I dont understand...

BTW, the GeForceII is going into my game rig as soon as i get the parts, while the MAX is going back into my work rig with DualMonitors.

Whew, that was long

office boy
5th June 2000, 12:44
Heh i guess those Matrox crads must really Hose your system eh?

maybe thats why TA is whoopen up on MURC

heheh just kidden, easy now, come-on now put down the baseball bat......

5th June 2000, 15:01
http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif LOL ... office boy http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

Hi Dyre,

maybe your G400 wasn't seated properly in the slot and didn't have proper contact all the time especially when running and getting tempered.

How many hours take SETI now then ?


5th June 2000, 15:42
Im back to my normal 8 hour WU now...
but damn, i dont think i can look at my screen much longer- its all fuzzy looking!

Anouther odd thing i noticed... IE5 is working right again... Before it was acting funny, not completeing URLs when you type them in- but now it works fine.

Very odd.

6th June 2000, 07:25
Did you wash out your temp. files in Windows & IE5? And by any chance your mega swap-file as well?

But I agree with Maggi, maybe your Max had gotten loose in the AGP slot. That causes severe slowdown in everything, even causes the keyboard to react strangely (The URL typing thing).


6th June 2000, 10:50
Could be, but what are tha chances that its seated wrong in two different motherboards?
I also re-seated a couple times in each board...

Oh well, ill see if it does it as soon as schools over and i have time to re-install windows.