View Full Version : Performance hit when "-verbose" option is used???

1st June 2000, 12:13
Has anybody done any testing to see if using the "-verbose" option slows down SETI? It doesn't seem like it'd require much to spit out the progress to the DOS box (especially compared to the screen saver's display) but you never know...


1st June 2000, 16:47
I doubt that the text output would take much cpu time at all.But I haven't measured it

Mr D. Ackerot
1st June 2000, 18:11
I hope you're right cause I'm running with "-verbose"...

I'll have to test to do some WU without "-verbose", hope the result of this will be significant so we can make some relevant conclusions!


Brian R.
1st June 2000, 21:01
Better copy a wu and do the same one twice, once with and once without the verbose option. No two WUs are the same.

Mr D. Ackerot
2nd June 2000, 02:46
Brian R.
Yes that's the way to do it, but my computer is not dedicated to run SETI....

Maybe someone with a dedicated computer will have better results (higher significance)


2nd June 2000, 06:04
I'd heard that there was a benchmark WU on some site (TA Assim?) but haven't looked - it lets you compare across the net but I was wondering if it could be a small unit - to save on benching time and put more to the main effort! Does anybody have any info on this?


2nd June 2000, 06:21
I think the benchmark unit is at ARS Technica(Team Lambchop). http://www.teamlambchop.com


2nd June 2000, 10:03

That's right http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I guess I won't recruit for my team here ;) TA

2nd June 2000, 16:17
As for the bench-unit, it's a little faster, since it doesn't have Gaussian.
I will guess 30 min. shorter then normal time is 8 hours.

Mr D. Ackerot
2nd June 2000, 18:30
I don't like the idea of losing 16 hoers of crunching time http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif just for this test and not being able to use my computer while testing, even if it will give me accurate times.

And to get statistical significant results you have to repeat the same WU several times, that means that I'll lose more than 16 hours http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif just for this test!!!


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