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1st June 2000, 02:50
SetiHide Version 1.0

SetiHide is a tool for the seti@home commandline-client vers. 2.4.

What it does:

-> Hides the seti@home cmdline client, so the DOS-box doesn't bother you.
-> Displays the performance of your machine in a chart.
-> Supports wu caching up to 50 work-units.
-> Starts the seti@home client on windows startup, if desired.
-> Can be run hidden also.
-> Can be run in the SystemTray



1st June 2000, 12:05
It looks like it's worth a try. Is there any way to bring WUs that I already have cached (using batch files...) into the program? If not, does anybody know how to upload a completed work unit without downloading a new one? I suppose I could always abort it when it starts to get the new one (plenty of time with a 28.8 modem).

I'll give it a shot on Windows 2000 Pro tonight at home and report back.

1st June 2000, 12:20
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1st June 2000, 12:23
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1st June 2000, 13:06
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1st June 2000, 14:22
Have anybody tried this ?

I'd like to know if the High priority setting improves WU times ?

(I'm running a nice batch job with version 2.0, and I don't want to change it unless there's speed to be gained)

1st June 2000, 16:40

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I guess I won't recruit for my team here ;) TA

1st June 2000, 16:49
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1st June 2000, 21:36
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