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23rd May 2000, 03:38
A lot of posts here in SETI@MURC seems to indicate that memory speed one of the main factors in SETI speed.
Indeed, my own systems runs faster at 515 MHz with the memory at CAS 2, than at 560 with CAS 3!

I can hardly wait to see how much of an impact DDR SDRAM will have, I think it's going to rule http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I've read somewhere that Micron (not sure) is developing a P3 chipset called Samurai, which would utilise DDR SDRAM.

Either way, my next system (which I'm going to get around October) will have DDR SDRAM.

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23rd May 2000, 06:24
Hmm, thats right CHHAS. But I read over at aceshardware(or somewhere else) that the GTL+ Bus of the PIII can't take advantage out of DDR SDRAM. Some are even saying (I can't really believe that) that a Computer with GTL+Bus and DDR SDRAM with dual pumped 133Mhz won't be much faster than current EV6 Bus compis with normal PC133 CAS 2 SDRam.

If someone sees in a post from me here, I tried to get to 124Mhz FSB with my good(?) old K6-2. It doesn't work (yet!). But even 122x3,5 is faster than my old 100x4 setup


office boy
23rd May 2000, 10:13
Word on the street is that RAMBUS already rock the seti house..... good if your a millionare or something I guess.....