View Full Version : SETI running out of WUs ?

20th May 2000, 16:39
Hi Folks,

I noticed that the WUs I d/led today are pretty close to our actual date ...

time_recorded= 2451642.29300 (Fri Apr 7 19:01:55 2000)
time_recorded= 2451642.29398 (Fri Apr 7 19:03:19 2000)
time_recorded= 2451644.66250 (Mon Apr 10 03:53:59 2000)
time_recorded= 2451649.98565 (Sat Apr 15 11:39:19 2000)
time_recorded= 2451650.59659 (Sun Apr 16 02:19:04 2000)
time_recorded= 2451651.10619 (Sun Apr 16 14:32:54 2000)
time_recorded= 2451167.59947 (Sun Dec 20 02:23:13 1998)


Yikes ! ... getting closer me thinks ...

What times do you have ?


20th May 2000, 16:42
al sla je me dood...

Where do I see that, Maggi?

20th May 2000, 16:48
http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif ROFL http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

Open work_unit.sah in wordpad ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

in line 14 or sumptin

20th May 2000, 16:55
Hmmm, can't do that while it's crunching http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

20th May 2000, 16:56
Why not ?

do you use the scrensaver ?

20th May 2000, 17:13
yeah, I've been noticing the same thing. the last 20 or so have all been in April.


20th May 2000, 17:26
Wow ... and then ?

Maybe they start resending all their WUs for validating.

20th May 2000, 17:29
It might be WU's that aren't processed, Maggi

I think they give you a week these days.

20th May 2000, 17:36
nope, Jord ..

the ones I subimtted today were from February.

The dates I posted above are in the WUs I got in return.

20th May 2000, 17:41
okay, I just checked and mine is from April 9th

20th May 2000, 18:28
Well, if you take a look on the server status page, you see they are readying December 1998, alongside April this year.

21st May 2000, 13:43
Mine are from this April as well!

21st May 2000, 14:27
Here is what the Server Status page reads:

Current Splitter Tapes

We are currently splitting data taken from the days below into work units:

19 December 1998 (aa)
09 April 2000 (aa)
15 April 2000 (aa)
15 April 2000 (ab)
16 April 2000 (aa)

The parathentical letters reflect order of data collection. Since we frequently fill more than one tape per day, we tag tapes with a set of two characters reflecting its sequence. We start with "aa," then "ab," and so on.


21st May 2000, 16:34
Hmm, what do we do if SETI has no more WU's or stops work for ever? Will there be a "Matroxusers RC5 Team"? Or will we calculate the weather or search for the next prime number?