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16th May 2000, 15:52
I have two more computers I can add to my arsenal but I am running into a problem. They won't connect to Seti. According to the Seti FAQ, it uses port 80(http) to send and receive data. This is good because port 80 is so widely used that it shouldn't be a problem. I know that I sit behind 2 firewalls. I have seen the config of firewall A. There is nothing to the config and I can browse the web with the same computer tht I am trying to use Seti on which means that I should also be able to use Seti. I do not have access to firewall B but since I can use a web browser on port 80, I would assume that seti would work as well, but NO GO http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif Anyone has any ideas?



16th May 2000, 16:06
Do you need any special Proxy Client software? I'm not sure how many firewalls are between me and the outside world. I know that sometimes I can get computers to browse without setting up the Proxy client, but I still need to set it up in order to get the Seti clients (Windows command line version) to connect properly.

Other than that, I'm not sure.

16th May 2000, 16:18
That's intersting...I'll give it a shot and let you know. Thanks!

on a side note, I know that if I am behind the third firewall, I have to use SOCKS proxy, but not behind the second firewall. I'll screw around with it and see what I come up with.


16th May 2000, 18:49
Helevitia, I had firewall problems with the earlier windows NT commandline clients myself, but the 2.4 version fixed it. The problem I was having was that the client used an invalid HTTP header that my firewall refused to let pass. Are you using version 2.4?

16th May 2000, 21:02

I am using v2.4. Interesting that the earlier versions has a corrupt header. How do you know this? Did you stick a sniffer on the wire and look at the packet your self?


16th May 2000, 22:13

I didn't use a sniffer, but my firewall logs are pretty detailed. They showed the header and denied it because it was "bogus". I don't remember the details, but it seemed that they had made up their own header - not a good thing.
Previously I had to make an exception at the firewall for my seti machines but now that it has been fixed I have added a few other computers on my network as well, which explains my increased output lately.

Related to what CharlesWA said, I've had problems like that on some machines as well - no winsock proxy software installed on the workstation when using MS proxy server.


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17th May 2000, 11:14
Ok, I figured out the problem. I am going through a SOCKS firewall. Since seti isn't setup to handle this, you need to download a program that runs on top of Seti and directs the info out to the internet which Seti never sees. Seti just thinks it has a direct connection to the internet. If anyone wants to know how this is done, let me kow and I'll fill you in when I get home.

2 more computers added to the MURC Arsenal http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif