View Full Version : What kind of performance can I expect from a 3-way Xeon?

9th May 2000, 17:38
I will finally get access to a 6-way Xeon under development at work. Everything works on it, so I have proposed my SETI "stress test" and they have agreed to weekend and night stress testing!

What kind of performance can I expect from three 550MHz, 512KB cache Xeon's?

Currently, on my dual Celery 366->>528MHz I just run six CL instances and let NT arbitrate. Should I do this on a Xeon, or should I just run three CL instances, with an affinity to only one CPU each?

Thanks, and hopefully I will be able to stay ahead of Xeno the Great!

9th May 2000, 22:07
run three CL, performance is the same as a p3 550, if you get xeons with more cache then you will see some speed diference, aprox 4-5 hours.

9th May 2000, 22:44
Thanks jsb,

Too bad I won't have access to the 2MB cache CPU's. Those are for development only, and have to go back.

So let's see, if I can get the best case of 4 hours, then I can do about 18 WU's a day on that machine. Add my ~15 units from my other machines, and I get over 30 a day! Woohoo. I may crack the top ten for awhile after all.

I will also be loading a dual PPro with 1MB cache 200's up some time this week. I will run two CL instances on that.

10th May 2000, 02:37
Sorry jeepman if i was a bit unclear, with 550 and 512 cache I donít think you will manage to do times better than around 7.30. I managed to do some around 6-7 when I overclocked my 500 to 560. average with my 500Mhz is 7.50 the latest 500 Wus.


10th May 2000, 15:26

I don't want to break your heart but while you where contemplating your future I moved ahead. I think your gonna need more than those Xeon's if you want to stay ahead of me. Chear up though, you're gainning on Guyver.

Taking about speed kings what about <font color=red>Team scarfy #28</font>, what's his trick?? There's no way he's straight!!

10th May 2000, 21:15
Never mind Scarfy, check out Cassiopeia Seti Group and workers@pse, both are running 8000+ WU with only 5 members!

P3 500, 224 MB ram, G400 16SH, SB Live Value
Maxtor DM 40+ 30GB, IBM Deskstar 16GP 10GB, Maxtor 4320 13 GB
6h40min avg on the last 10+ SETI WUs

11th May 2000, 05:55
Scarfy has 104257 WU with 2 members? Ummmm.. how?


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