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8th May 2000, 15:43
Finally made the top 100!!

Hehe. Thought I'd never get there. I even added my wife's Celery 450a (aka 300a @100Mhz FSB) to my P3-450, diluting my average speed a bit in the process (I was averaging around 6hrs 30+ minutes, now nearly 7 hours).

Anything to contribute to the cause! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


10th May 2000, 07:45
Congrats Ace. I'm still hovering around 171 but just added another computer which should help a little. Hopefully one day I'll be able to join the top 100 <sniff>


10th May 2000, 07:59
Thanks Helevitia. Unfortunately I think I lost 100th as quick as I got it. I had to stop my Seti client while I work on some video caps of my daughter's first b-day (making a VCD for her gramma on Mother's Day). While I've had it down, BatKnight2 appears to have caught back up and passed me again.

Oh well, easy come, easy go. I'll have both systems up again at around 10PM ET tonight, and maybe I'll make it up in a day or two.



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