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7th December 1999, 15:31
Tried to get seti working via my LAN for a while now. Using Grok Netproxy. HTML/POP/ICQ Work Fine. But nothing from Seti!
Tried using the NEC socks client APP, no luck!

My athlon needs something to chew on through the lonely nights!

Anyone got any clues?

Thanks in Advance!

7th December 1999, 19:00
I'm using NAT32 (http://www.nat32.com) and it works fine on my three systems (including an athlon running @850!) on a single V.90 connection. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

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8th December 1999, 07:35
I'm using WinGate and I also have no problems. You do ofcourse have to remember to setup Seti for proxy access. If your server has an ordinary HTTP proxy running and you want to access it from a Windows client, simply point the client at the right IP and port number. If you're using one of the command-line clients set an environment variable HTTP_PROXY= (assuming the server has IP and the proxy is running on port 80).

Command-line Seti doesn't support Socks proxying "out of the box". I can't remember if the Win client does.

9th December 1999, 09:40
You don't have do that with NAT32. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

9th December 1999, 10:54
Works fine with win98SE's Internet Connection Sharing doobrey thingummybob too


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9th December 1999, 16:53
I tried Nat32.. Couldn't get anything with that, Played around for a couple of hours..changed my network to use DHCP..Understand it mapps to it's on soft IP ( the remote seems blind(although the network works perfect).I'll give Wingate a try tomorrow..

Could the problem be that my TCP/IP is'nt next to my NIc in net prop.. E,g TCP/IP >Realtec NIC1608 ??

Surely an error there wouldn't allow HTML/ICQ/FTP to work under www.grok.co.uk(netproxy). (http://www.grok.co.uk(netproxy).)

Thanks Guys..

P.S. Running an athlon@ 850 Does that thing give off radiation? I bet the Electricity National Grid know when you turn on!

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10th December 1999, 21:17
If you have Win98SE or Win2K use internet connection sharing. With Win98SE make sure to set the "server" to and the clients to get ip address automatically, and ensure that TCP/IP is installed properly. Basically the "server" provides DCHP service and IP masquerading. The clients behave as if directly connected to the net. Email news SETI IRC ICQ all work fine

11th December 1999, 01:15
Denty, ICS was licensed from the guys (and gals?) from NAT32. If your going to use multiple browsers (one on each machine in network) then only the Gateway machine can recieve email. With that said why would anyone wish to use it? NAT32 doesn't have those problems.

Easty, you could ask for help in setting up NAT32 before jumping off and trying another package. Actually it's rather simple to setup once you understand what is going on. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

11th December 1999, 14:12
its easy to fix,i got four computers running on my network,i use athlon 500 not o/c'ed.
use the proxy program sygate,it sets it all up for u automaticly.works great,u can do anything u want,play halflife,mail-whatever.


11th December 1999, 16:11
Do you mean receive email at the same time?.
I just checked my POP mail on my machine which is NOT the Gateway Machine a few seconds ago

11th December 1999, 16:25
Try a small program called Proxy from AnalogX. It is free & works great for me.
it is at WWW.Analogx.com (http://WWW.Analogx.com)

12th December 1999, 02:41
I have read many complaints from others that R using it and that's their complaint. Possibly has been fixed since then.