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13th October 1999, 06:05
Hi all,

I joined MURC's seti-team a few days ago, using my linux-desktop machine (it's even got a G200, so that's appropriate enough...). It's crunching away quite nicely (a little over 7.5 hrs per WU, 24 hrs/day).

Fact is, I've got some more WU's. At my old job, three Sun Ultra5's are running seti, each churning out a WU approx every 10 hours. And they've been doing so for about three months. Now, I'm not quite sure when they're gonna throw off my seti-processes, but I would be more than happy to donate those WU's as well.

Problem is: that would mean that you'd all have to step down one spot, and I don't want to look like an arrogant git, bursting in through the front door, when no-one even invited me in...

So: should I throw in my 895 WU's, or should I give them to Slashdot? Comments?


13th October 1999, 07:04
Bring them on in...

That's my vote...


Mark F
13th October 1999, 07:49
I'll take a "demotion" for the cause. Hey as much as we're competetive against each other, it's still the MURC team effort. The more people, the more WU's. the better. Welcome! and Bring 'em on.

Mark F.

Hey, what the hell happen over night? we've fallen to #78 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

OH NO, my retractable cup holder swallowed a CD

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13th October 1999, 08:25
Throw em in.

13th October 1999, 08:57
Absolutely, and a warm welcome.

13th October 1999, 09:26
hell, yes !!!

And don't forget to bring you buddies with you !!!

We still need some WUs to beat SGI and Intel ... LOL


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13th October 1999, 09:30
You're officially invited! Bring them on and bump us all down a notch, its for the greater good anyway.

13th October 1999, 09:33
Join us,
I don't want to be in the top ten anyway!

13th October 1999, 10:30
I shot off an e-mail with an invitation...


13th October 1999, 11:20

I'll take that as a Yes. Here they come...


13th October 1999, 17:54
Wow cool, wondered why we suddenly went from 86 to 69 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif