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7th April 2001, 10:19
You can since about a month chat to other MURCers using DALNET, channel #MURC

You'll find that Gurm and Ant are the moderators on that forum, so a bit of familiarity is still found


7th April 2001, 10:32
How to make your nick at DALNET your own.
[list=1] Log in with a nick of your liking. If the server doesn't tell you that nick is taken, try to register it. To register your nick, make sure your nick is the nickname you want to register. Do this with the command on the command line /nick NICK. Type on the commandline: /nickserv REGISTER [password] [email] Make sure the email is an existing one, or it won't work. That should be all. Do make sure that your chat-program, either mIRC or Pirch uses this nick name for login, plus the password you provided.

That should do it http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Happy chatting


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12th April 2001, 13:39
ICQ numbers for those who want to talk to others using this medium.

I'm only adding the numbers of those who want to be in this list in the FAQs. Also check people's profiles, as it might contain their ICQ number.
Jake ... 76840713
az ..... 36962440
cerb ... 46044319
cbman .. 21718756
Gurm ... 4503460
JLP .... 4263508
Jorden . 9103941

More to be added in the future http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif
There are other ways of communicating then chatting and ICQ.

Pace and Gurm can be reached on other things as well.
MSN: pace3000
Y!: pace4000

AIM: Gurm42
MSN: Gurm42@hotmail.com
Y!: Gurm42
Hope to be of service http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


14th April 2001, 17:20
ICQ addition:
Pace ... 115072919

23rd April 2001, 12:15
ICQ additions:
Ace ... 21371571
GT98 .. 5344800
Goc ... 1028412

Woohoo, nice low number, Goc http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif