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14th March 2001, 11:17
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Greetings to all of you seekers of knowledge and enlightenment (or at least a few scraps of info about the G800)! Within these hallowed pages you will find information! (although I can't garauntee it's relevancy to anything whatsoever). If you leave this place knowing more than when you came in, I'll be really damn suprised. On the other hand, if you leave this place knowing less than when you came in, then it's not my fault.

So, without further ado, here it is!
The Ultimate G800 FAQ Version 1.1.

Q. What is the G800?
A. Our best geuss is that it is the next product in the consumer graphics line of video cards from Matrox Graphics Inc.

Q. I keep seeing people talk about something called a TCFKAG and it's always in the same thread as people talking about the G800. So what is it?
A. TCFKAG is an acronym that our humble leader Ant came up with. It stands for:
The Card Formerly Known As a G800

Q. How fast will it be? Will it support T? Will it have feature X? Does it actually RSN?
A. Not a clue. There have been dozens of rumors and lots of people expounding at great length on what Matrox should and should not do and what they would like to see the card be able to do, but after you sort through all the hoohaa, you discover that nobody actually knows a damn thing. (Oh, and no, it does not actaully have the Render Subjects Nude feature, much though we might wish that it did.)

Q. When are they going to announce/release it?
A. Soon.

Q. Soon? What is that supposed to mean?
A. It means soon. Nobody really knows. Or if they do know they aren't talking. Matrox hasn't said a single word about the G800 and anybody that doesn't work for Matrox that does know is under an NDA and isn't allowed to say anything. (ie. The BBz)

Q. BBz? Who or what are they?
A. There are a few members of this forum that happen to be beta testers for Matrox. I don't really know who all of them are, but if you do some searches through on the forums you'll find them all sooner or later.

Q. Do they know anything?
A. Thats hard to say, they have dropped lots of hints that they MIGHT know something, but then again they may just be having fun and playing with our minds. Anyway, like I said, if they know something, they are under an NDA and aren't allowed to say anything. (They are also all good little boy scouts and refuse to break there NDA's.)

Q. What is an NDA?
A. Non-Disclosure Agreement. It means that if you know something you aren't allowed to talk about it. You'll sign one when you grow up and get a job. (Yes, I know that most of you already know what this is, but there are some people that don't).

Q. So why are there so many people that claim to know something about the G800?
A. For the same reason that people claim to have seen flying saucers.

Q. What does that mean?
A. It means that they either want attention or just like stirring up trouble.

Q. You know, you haven't been very helpful so far.
A. Thats not a question.

Q. Fine, I'll ask it as a question then. Why haven't you given me any straight answers?
A. Because I don't have any. And neither does anyone else around here. Or if there are people that know something (people that aren't fools trying to cause trouble), they won't even admit that they know something and they won't tell us what that something is even if they actually DO know something.

Q. Alright, then how did all these rumors get started?
A. Two things, first it is assumed that Matrox is in fact makeing some sort of new card, after all, it would be very strange for them to just suddenly stop making cards after being in the buisness for so many years. Their last several cards have been called (in the order they were released) the G100, the G200, and the G400. So, the logical progression would be that the next card (whatever the next card is) will probably be called the G800.

The second place that the rumors came from was a while back Matrox released a set of drivers that hadn't been properly cleaned for public consumption. In the .inf file there were entries for several as of that time unannounced and unreleased video cards. Also, around the same time (it may have even been the same release, I don't remember) there was a driver set where someone opened one of the dll's in a Hex Editor and discovered several entries for cards that were, again, unnanounced and unreleased. Some of those card have since that time been released, specifically, the G450 and the G450 eTV. There were also entries for a Condor and a Condor II. The assumption was that the Condor was the G450 and the Condor II would be the mythical G800.

There, I gave you a straight answer on that one... well, it's a less crooked answer anyway.

Q. I suppose I should be thankful for that much?
A. Yes, you should. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

So, basically there are two parts to any question that you can possibly ask about Matrox's next card (which may or may not actually be called a "G800"). First, we don't know. Or, the alternate answer, if we do know we aren't even going to admit that we know and we aren't allowed to talk about it anyway.

Clear as mud, yes?

Now a bit of advice, keep watching the various trade shows in the tech sector. Matrox attends most of them and sooner or later (later more likely than sooner at this point), they will announce something. As of the writing of this FAQ it is 10 days before CEBiT 2001. Matrox has two large booths there, one for their Video products division and one for their consumer graphics division. Watch, listen, and be patient. Or don't be patient, makes no difference to me either way, just stop asking about the G800 because as I hope that I have made quite clear, WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!

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8 days to go to CeBIT, then we might know http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif