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19th March 2000, 09:59
Some games are very dark on my G400: Half-Life, Quake 1, 2 etc. How can I increase the brightness? I tried the options in the games, and set the brightness slider full open, but that didn't solve the problem. So I guess I have to adjust it in a tweaking tool? Please help. Thanks!

19th March 2000, 10:06
The games needs to be tweaked beyond what the in-game options allow.

For Q2, add these lines to the games autoexec.cfg (and the autoexec for all mods):

set intensity "1.0"
set vid_gamma "0.9"
set gl_modulate "3.5"
set gl_saturate "0"

For HL, do the same, with these lines:

gl_texsort "1"
gl_overbright "1"
gl_palette_tex "1"
brightness "2.5"
gamma "3.0"

Don't know the commands for Q1

24th March 2000, 08:38
Ok, these options helped a little, but I'm still wondering why these games are sooooo dark on my pc. I have another PC with a Voodoo1 card and it's so much brighter on it.

24th March 2000, 08:41
If that was not enough, tweak on thos values. Try raising the value for vid_gamma...

24th March 2000, 11:36
For Quake 1 you have to use idgamma (arf!) or your PD gamma setting.
Hopefully, soon, one of the new glquakes being developed from the open source will support gamma commands.


Kruzin, we need to create a unified standard answer for this question so we can cut&paste it in once a week. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

24th March 2000, 11:47
Kruzin and Chuck: Tell those people that there is a colour/brightness adjuster on their monitors as well... If not OSD, then by way of 'adjustable knobs under the monitor/at the back off the monitor' http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


24th March 2000, 12:24
I don't know Jorden, Q1 is so dark my monitor can't get bright enough.

24th March 2000, 14:32
Kruzin, we need to create a unified standard answer for this question so we can cut&paste it in once a week.
Sorry, I have't seen this topic earlier on this msg board :-)

Well thanks guyz I tweaked the settings a bit, and now I can even see the hostages standing in dark corners in HL: CounterStrike :-) Makes the game a bit more fair. Will try Q1 one of these days.

24th March 2000, 15:36
If you don't play Q1 very often then using PD's gamma setting works fine. (it looks better than idgamma)

24th March 2000, 17:07
I wonder if it doesn't depend on what monitor you use as well ??

And if that certain monitor is in the Gx00's descriptions files... for max resolution and refreshrate and all that?


25th March 2000, 11:11
well, cjolly, Ant and Jorden have put together a new "FAQ" forum for just this sort of thing. This thread will be copied there, and we can just link directly to it from now on http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif
The FAQ forum will not be for users to post to, but just for moderators to copy commonly asked threads to for reference....

25th March 2000, 11:21
First "FAQ" thread!

27th March 2000, 15:42
For those who do not know, idgamma (http://www.G256.com/idgamma/index.html) is a program written by an nVidia user (hence the site location; sorry!) to solve the brightness issues people were having with GLquake. He says it works with Q2, Hexen and Kingpin as well. Follow the link above to get it, or to read more.