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23rd October 2000, 13:16
I'm looking to sell off my secondary system - Julie and I have decided to share the other one because with Win2k / Whistler out I finally have a stable platform and she can play her games. Plus with the baby on the way we have more important things to do.

Anyway, I'll consider parting this out ONLY after I've failed to get any bites on the whole thing. I may also put it on EBay, etc. But I figured I'd give MURCers first shot.

Here's the specs:

P3-500 (100Mhz base, slot1)
128MB CAS2 PC133 (Corsair)
InWin A500 Mid-Tower (250watt PowerMan PS)
Memorex 48x CD-Rom
Promise Ultra66 Controller
IBM Ultra66 7200RPM 13GB HDD
Floppy (duh)
Sound Blaster Live! (New style, PC99 design)
3Com 3c905B 10/100 NIC
TNT2 M64 32MB Video
Trinitron 17" Monitor (.25dp, Shadow Mask, Ultra-Flat, Dell Badged)
HP Deskjet 672C Printer
Altec Lansing Powercube Speakers
MS Ergo Keyboard (Elite)
MS Ergo Mouse (IntelliEye, Wheel)
400Watt UPS (Ugly "brick" style, heh)
Power Center (sits under the monitor)

Optional Package (currently installed):

Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Controller
Ricoh 7060S 6x4x24 CDRW
Mitsumi SCSI CDRom

Further, I'm willing to make the following substitutions:

1. ATI Rage Fury 32MB w/TV Out instead of the TNT2 M64
2. A cheaper SCSI controller than the UW, at a $75 price break off the SCSI set.
3. A viewsonic GT775 monitor instead of the Trinitron, for a few bucks more.

Other equipment that doesn't necessarily go with the unit that I'm also looking to unload:

Linksys 2-port 10/100 switch
4+1 port 100bt Hub


Ok, make a reasonable offer! I priced it out at Pricewatch, and if you had to build this system from scratch TODAY it would run around $1100 without the SCSI equipment, $1350 with.

Like I said, I'm not interested in parting it out - YET.

- Gurm

P.S. My contact info:

gurm42@hotmail.com, and I'm on Yahoo Pager as gurm42. In addition, when I'm running it, I'm on ICQ - 4503460 (Gurm)

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