View Full Version : DV Master and Ulead Media Studio Pro. 5.2 for sale

24th February 2000, 13:59
Non-linear DV Editing System DV Master from FAST is the first professional DV editing system. DV Master's interface i.LINK (FireWire) guarantees loss-less transmission at top speed. Just one cable for transferring video, sound, and device control signals. Plus an external connection box for easy cable connections and component output. DV Master is the first board incorporating the DVBK-1 hardware CoDec from SONY - the same technology used for the encoding of videos in DV camcorders. The hardware CoDec allows DV encoding and decoding to be performed in real-time. Together with the video, you need great audio in CD quality: digital stereo audio according to DV specifications (four 32-kHz channels or two 48-kHz channels). Also available is analog audio processing in WAV format with 16-bit stereo, also in CD quality (up to 44.1 kHz). Thanks to hardware AV locking, the audio is always lip-synced with the video for perfect videotape dubbing. External desktop I/O box with a choice of analog inputs and outputs to support a large range of formats including S-VHS and Hi-8 with Y/C inputs and outputs and analog " audio inputs and outputs. DV Master can convert analog video material (VHS/8MM/S-VHS/Hi-8). And vice versa, DV can produce analog video output - even in the professional YUV component format (YCbCr). So DV Master integrates digital video seamlessly into the studio environment. The desktop I/O box to make configuring your system easy. All of your analog connections are in one place. Connecting your DV device is simple with a choice of three software switchable FireWire ports. A single cable transfers video, sounds, and the control signals for the DV devices. With the full version of the industry standard ULead Media Studio Pro 5.0 non-linear editing software and Final Effects LE, DV Master offers the complete solution for DV editing under Windows 95 and NT. - $1100 - firm