View Full Version : Looking for a K62 333 compatible MB NOT SS7

30th December 1999, 13:55
Trying to assemble a drawerfull of old S**T. If I could find an AT or Baby AT Mobo that will run an AMD K62 333, and a bunch of old 72 pin memory, I'd be willing drop maybe $30 whole bucks on the thing. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Think of it as recycling...save the earth...you get the idea.

9th January 2000, 00:31
Bix, babe... there is no type of mobo that will run a K6-2 <U>but</u> a SS7 board... that's what they're for.

Socket 7 with a 100Mhz FSB (which is what makes it 'Super'--get it?).

I've got a couple of Socket 7 boards that run at 66Mhz... but they don't have the multipliers, and probably not the voltage to run the K6-2, so that won't help you.

Why don't you try trading the K6-2 to someone who has a 200 Mhz MMX CPU or something?

If you do have to get a SS7 board, you'll have to get a VIA chipset one... the Ali chipset boards don't accept SIMMs (SDRAM only) but the VIA boards have SIMM <u>and</u> DIMM slots (which is why I bought the one I just gave away).

Sadly, the only Socket 7 boards you can get for that price new are the ones for the original K6 and they only go up to about 266 Mhz.

Hope that helps...you might try The Recycler Classifieds (http://www.recycler.com/), Gamers Auction (http://www.gamersauction.com/), or The Computer Geeks Discount Outlet (http://www.compgeeks.com/cgi-bin/shopdir.asp)... and, of course, there's always....eBay...:P


9th January 2000, 07:13
:p back at ya! Holly.

If I just keep posting on these fori, the full breadth and depth of my ignorance will in good time be fully revealed. Hehehe.

Thanks for the links. But I'll probably just go with a new cheapie. I can buy one that meets my form factor needs for about $65.00.