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23rd April 2001, 17:51
DENVER (AP) - The families of several victims in the Columbine massacre have filed a lawsuit against companies that create violent video games and sex-oriented Web sites, claiming their products influenced the gunmen.

The suit seeks $5 billion in punitive damages from 25 entertainment companies. It was filed on behalf of the family of slain teacher Dave Sanders and other Columbine victims in federal court.

Companies named in the lawsuit include Nintendo of America, Sega of America, Sony Computer Entertainment and Time Warner Inc., which is now AOL Time Warner, and ID Software Inc. and GT Interactive Software Corp., creators and publishers of the game "Doom."

During the investigation into the April 20, 1999, shooting, police found a videotape that shows one of the killers with a sawed-off shotgun on his lap he calls "Arlene" after a character in the "Doom" video game.

"Absent the combination of extremely violent video games and these boys' incredibly deep involvement, use of and addiction to these games and the boys' basic personalities, these murders and this massacre would not have occurred," said the lawsuit filed Thursday, a day before the two-year anniversary of the shootings.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold fatally shot Sanders and 12 students and wounded 23 others before killing themselves in the April 20, 1999, attack at Columbine High School.

ID Software Inc. of Mesquite, Texas, did not immediately respond Monday to a faxed request for comment. A Minneapolis phone number listed for GT Interactive Software Corp. was not in service.

A nearly identical lawsuit filed after Michael Carneal killed three Heath High School students in Paducah, Ky., in 1997, was dismissed last April. A federal judge there said video games are not subject to product liability laws.

Sega declined comment, issuing a statement that it had not seen the lawsuit. Nintendo said it does not comment on pending litigation.

"Doom" is a target-shooting game. Other violent video games mentioned in the lawsuit include "Quake" and "Redneck Rampage."

The lawsuit also claims Klebold and Harris looked at sexually violent material on at least two Internet sites.

23rd April 2001, 18:33
I hope that case gets thrown out immediately.
If it actually gets to trial, I have a bad feeling that the dumbasses on the jury will find for the plaintiffs.

Talk about bullshit.. if anyone should be getting sued, it should be the parents of the murders for not watching their kids.. I mean hell, they were planning the thing for almost a year with evidence all over their rooms.

Just looks like a bunch of sleezy lawyers and people trying to get some ca$h out of the whole thing.

23rd April 2001, 18:38
Another money grubbing lawyer trying to get rich off of someone elses tragedy.

The parents of the shooters have already been to court and settled, as well as the person who sold the kids the guns, and the person who introduced the kids to the gun seller. The victims and families are already getting tens of millions (not that any amount is enough for the loss of life involved). This is just another get-rich-quick scheme, trying to place the blame anywhere except where it really belongs.

23rd April 2001, 19:02
...and how about putting some blame on the other kids who bullied the killers relentlessly?

Actually, IMHO, all the blame goes solely on the killers themselves, and their parents. People have to start taking responsibility for their own actions, and not trying to blame "society", or a "bad childhood", etc.

Carpe Cerevisi

Chris B
23rd April 2001, 22:50
Jesus.... what the hell is wrong with people?

At the risk of starting a flamewar, Im gonna have to say: "Only in America"!!!

24th April 2001, 00:53
Well with all the shootings in Leeds lately...I'd have to disagree.

Chris B
24th April 2001, 01:13
Havent heard about that though!

But Im not referring to the shooting as much as I was the trial! Just seems to me that every time you hear about one of these outrageous trials, its always in the U.S.

But hey.. I totally agree with the rest of ya! Its the lawyers who are at "fault" here, cause they just wanna make some easy money, or at least get some publicity!

24th April 2001, 03:31
We have become so oriented to passing the buck that nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore. It is always someone else's fault. Spill hot coffee in your lap, Sue McDonalds. If your kid jumps off of the roof, sue the landlord. It is getting truly ridiculous.

Let's see, a kid with the makings of pipe bombs, numerous guns, including a sawed off shotgun and the parents knew NOTHING? Please! If I had brought a BB gun into the house my parents would have been all over me like a bum on a bologna sandwich. They would have asked me when, where, how, what, and who before I got it 5 steps through the door. And forget hiding anything. My mom had X-Ray vision.

Don't go suing good companies because you screwed up your kids.

24th April 2001, 03:35
Oh, that's good. They aren't suing only ID, they are suing 25 Companies. I guarantee that they are suing companies that these kids have never heard of or used their products.

24th April 2001, 07:39
As many of you know, I live very close to where this all happened, and this latest lawsuit is also rooted here in my town.
On my way to work this morning, I heard an interview with the lawyer who is pushing this ludacrist suit.
The interviewer asked the tough questions like:
"Do you beleive the parents are to blame?"
"if you win this lawsuit, will the money be donated to the other families/victims?"
and many others.
The lawyer had no good answers. Just a bunch of double talk.
In the end, he would not admit any blame layed with the parents, and would not give a straight answer about the money...but it was obvious he has no intention of splitting any monetary awards with other victims (even though "the money is not the focus of this suit".
What a bunch of crap.
I can only hope whatever judge hears this case tosses it out before any of my tax dollars go to a year long lawsuit...

24th April 2001, 10:31
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Kindness!:
[B]We have become so oriented to passing the buck that nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore. It is always someone else's fault. Spill hot coffee in your lap, Sue McDonalds. If your kid jumps off of the roof, sue the landlord. It is getting truly ridiculous.

Couldn't agree more.

24th April 2001, 12:23
a couple of years ago I herd a news story about a doktor being sued by relatives because he waited to long to operate on a patient.

The reason he waited so long to operate was because he double checked test result's so he wouldent be sued for doing unessesary operations...

Liquid Snake
24th April 2001, 12:47
Idiots. I play CS, so that means I will go and build bombs, get guns and go on a shooting rampage in my school? I don't think so. The parents must take the blame for this. If a parent does not pay attention to the things their kids are doing, then they should not be a parent. I know my parents would never let this happen. Obviously, this is definitely a get-rich-quick scheme as others have pointed out. The ignorant ****oles who filed these suits were obviously never teenagers themselves, else they would've known about the troubles these two kids had to face.

24th April 2001, 13:21
Yes, naturally this is another absurd attempt to shift the blame for an alarming decline in the fundamental heatlh of the community/society in general. No one can argue (I hope) that a society in which children are killing their peers is a healthy one, so it's not that surprising to see the adults displaying similar signs of denial/poor mental health.

But in the name of "Devil's Advocacy", or maybe "finding the silver lining"-- perhaps this case will provide an opportunity for the games industry to conclusively stomp this idea that "DOOM" is the source of all society's ills.

I never quite got it why "DOOM" was in particular singled out to be the bad guy, anyway. It always seemed to me that Wolf3D was more "destructive" in terms of it's imagery, since there you're shooting people (not demons), and it's got all those posters of Hitler and the swastikas and all, if you feel that such things can somehow turn you into a Pod Person.

Of course, no one is asking what we're all doing wrong if watching something on a monitor can turn you into a Pod Person... maybe David Croenenberg was right about "Videodrome" after all.

OK, that's my rant, I'm off to Melee Island to become a pirate! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif


24th April 2001, 13:31
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Kindness!:
We have become so oriented to passing the buck that nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore. It is always someone else's fault. Spill hot coffee in your lap, Sue McDonalds. If your kid jumps off of the roof, sue the landlord. It is getting truly ridiculous.</font>

Hey, there actually are americans with some sense...
But unfortunately it's not that much better here in Germany (we look at everything you do over there and take only the bad things out to make them our own http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif).
Actually a physician was sued here in germany because he had not used a drug that was not even approved! What could he do? I f he uses the drug and something goes wrong those goddamn lawyers are gonna say: "This drug is NOT APPROVED and still you did use it, you have to PAY!". If you don't use it this sounds like: "Hey why didn't you use this new drug? Just because it's not approved? But it was very likely that it would've helped, you gotta PAY!"...

24th April 2001, 13:35
I'm really waiting for a couple of zoo's to bring in a lawsuit against Eidos, for their Tombraider games, in which you can shoot about any endangered animal known to man, and get away with it. Any poacher getting caught can now say he got the idea from Lara Croft, so sue Eidos http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


24th April 2001, 13:50
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">"You need a license to drive a car, you need a license to own a dog, hell, you even need a license to catch a fish... but any ****ole can be a father" - Keanu Reeves in the movie Parenthood</font>

I hate to quote Keanu, but this line makes so much sense, doesn't it?

Carpe Cerevisi

Mark F
24th April 2001, 22:54
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by agallag:
...but any ****ole can be a father
I hate to quote Keanu, but this line makes so much sense, doesn't it?


I don't know about can be a father. But they sure can become one.

Mark F.

25th April 2001, 21:40
Damn Straight on that one...

I was talking to an old guy (At Tim Hortons http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif) that used to design kids playground equipment... He created a really nice set and donated it to the local public school... Some (Insert Explitive Here) kid pushed some other kid off it and caused some little boy to have a fractured spine... the parents instead of following the source of the problem (The school bully) Sued the guy that donated the equipment because it was "unsafe"

He lost his business and his wife and everthing else over the whole issue...

Isn't that the worst thing... do something nice and get Fuxxored over in the end by some arrogent parents

P.S. The bully had to goto the office and serve a week of lunch detention http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif


Canadian... Hell Ya!!!

25th April 2001, 23:59
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by agallag:
I hate to quote Keanu, but this line makes so much sense, doesn't it?
So true...

Liked the part when Steve Martin found the "flashlight" too.

Oh, and as far as our justice system goes, seems you can sue anybody for anything nowadays. It can be very costly to prove you did nothing wrong. That part sucks when it leads to "settlements."

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