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26th December 2000, 09:29
I was dinking around the other day and wrote down what my 'dream machine' would be, if I had the cash and all the crap would come out in a decent time frame:

2 X AMD Athlon Palamino 1.5 GHz w/ STEP Thermodynamics Kodiak 7000 series coolers
ASUS (Not announced yet) Dual Athlon board w/ AMD 760 MP chipset
512 MB DDR2100 from Crucial
Addtronics 7896A server case (this is not a traveling friendly computer)
3 X 73 GB IBM UltraStar 10k RPM SCSI160, 80 pin
Adaptec SCSI160 RAID 3200S controller
Adaptec AHA-2940 Ultra for the rest of the SCSI stuff
12x/40x Toshiba SCSI DVD-ROM
12/4/32 Plextor CD-RW SCSI
Matrox G800 Infineon Dual GPU, 64 MB DDR RAM (I can dream can't I?)
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1
3ComŪ EtherLinkŪ 10/100 PCI with 3XP Processor
LogiTech Mouseman w/ 2nd gen optical technology
Microsoft USB Internet keyboard Deluxe
Floppy drive
MAG Innovision 810FD 19", FD Trinitron
Windows 2000 Professional

According to my estimates this computer would cost me about $8000 USD to build. Not too shabby.


Athlon 650
256 MB PC133 CAS3 from Crucial
40 GB storage from WD
Matrox G400 (it's not dead yet!)
SB Live! the original full retail, still going strong
Klipsch ProMedia v.2-400, the PC speakers that goes BOOM!
Hope Matrox releases the G800 before rebuild time, becuase the end is near!

26th December 2000, 19:25
thats nice.... just give me a K6-3, 64megs more ram and a 20gig HD and ill be more than happy....

P5A-B MoBo w/AMD K6-266@300 (100mhz FSB)
Matrox Milleniumm G200 AGP (oh, lets party)
Creative SB Awe32 (a classic, superb card)
Realtek 8029A NIC Card
64meg 100mhz SDRam
Ali V agp chipset (2x)
6.4 gig HD 5400 RPM UDMA 66
ALI 1543 IDE Controller (ATA 33)
Optiquest Q53 15" Monitor
Actima 36X CD-Rom
Windows 95B
ICQ UIN: 24730025

27th December 2000, 07:06
hehehehehe.... =)


27th December 2000, 16:12
Hey Jammrock, what's a 'Matrox G800 Infineon Dual GPU, 64 MB DDR RAM'

Do you know something that we don't ?


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