View Full Version : How do you identify items in Vampire - The Masquerade?

21st November 2000, 05:02
I donīt have the manual.

21st November 2000, 07:20
shouldn't there be a copy in docs folder of game on hdd?

21st November 2000, 07:37
No, the readmeīs donīt have much information, just addendums to the manual.

21st November 2000, 10:11
You must learn the spell 'Spirit's touch' or buy the appropriate 'Spirit's touch' scroll to id items.

Great game. Love the chainsaw.

21st November 2000, 10:14
And I shall promptly answer any other questions thou hast about this game. (heh) I am currently very far in the game, but I can't say where, cause I don't wanna spoil it for you. Just one hint: be a good guy and everything will turn out all right.

21st November 2000, 10:18

Iīm being a good guy, actually, and Iīm doing well...

21st November 2000, 11:16
And very funny game indeed. And you know why? I happen to live in Prague, and I also know Prague's history fairly well. So most of the things (still standing or long gone) are based on real life (most of the names, all the locations - Vysehrad, Prague Castle, Judith's bridge ), but they are a bit changed and simplified ...

And let me tell you that it is really funny what the authors (americans) think about Europe and it's history... If all americans are like this. Heh...

minor hints:

Definitely buy a heartshield and put it in your stash. It will be very helpful later in the game. Ainkurn sword also helps. And when you get to the 3rd floor of Vysehrad where you can see a large door, save the game and get ready for a tough fight and a story twist that divides the game in two halves.

22nd November 2000, 11:21
Thanx for the tips, Impact.

The movement AI of the characters is awful, they often get stuck. It gets on my neeerrves!!!

I have to select low detail (albeit at 32-bit textures and color) to play smoothly... and sometimes it slows down. What are your settings and your system?

Intel Atlanta 440LX at 72Mhz bus (Bios 14)
Intel Celeron 433Mhz at 468Mhz
Gigabyte GA-6R7 slocket PPGA - Slot 1 converter
Hyundai 192Mb SDRAM PC100
Western Digital Caviar 4.3 Gb UDMA-33
Creative Soundblaster PCI128 (driver revision 2)
Creative 24x CD-ROM
Matrox Millennium G400 SH 16Mb SGRAM @147Mhz/196Mhz + attached fan (Powerdesk 6.10)
Genius desktop speakers + subwoofer
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Standard keyboard
Standard FDD

Windows Millennium
DirectX 8

22nd November 2000, 12:04
Suprisingly, my system is very similar to yours.

Celeron 366 @458 (83MHz FSB) on a noname BX board that is overclocking-friendly;
Matrox Millenium G400 DH 32MB SGRAM @137/183MHz
+attached fan (PD 6.04 - brother wants to play FIFA without corrupted textures)


Now, for the facts:
32-bit textures are bad! You don't want them. Even with 32MB on-board, the game slows down noticeably in large areas with 32-bit textures enabled.

Basically I have modified the high detail setting... I lowered the 'shadow detail' a lot. In 1024x768x32bit, with 4 characters in the coterie, the game slows down noticeably (10-15fps) only in very large areas and fights(streets of New York and such).

If I were you, I'd try high detail in 1024x768x16bpp, if it was not smooth enough, I'd try to lower shadow detail few notches down. If that would not help, I'd probably go for the 800x600 resolution... because the character models are great. But it takes time to setup just right... it took me almost 30 game restarts before I was satisfied.

The AI isn't that bad, just don't leave them far behind, otherwise they get stuck.

My medieval party

My modern party

22nd November 2000, 12:06
I love hacking aligators to pieces with swords and chainsaws (and a taser). http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Don't ask me why.

22nd November 2000, 12:10
If your run Vampire with a parameter '-console' then in-game you can (same as in Quake) access console by pressing the tilde (~) key. There you can enter various commands. The one I find most useful is

framerate 0/1

which helps when cofiguring the details.

22nd November 2000, 14:15
I know. I have a problem... I cheated once, but I canīt revert to the default state. I donīt know what happened, but Iīve only used:


What happens is that Christof is always at full health (not blood). I donīt like to play like this, but Iīm too deep in the game to start again and I donīt know how to revert him to normal. Iīve tried the two above cheats off, but to no avail. Help me, please!!!

P.S. Iīm in Vienna (in the game, of course http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif)!

23rd November 2000, 00:12
Well there might be a problem with the revive, here is a list of all commands. Notice that the revive is used without any parameters.


Code Entered Description
XP # # = Experience you want your character to have
Cash # # = Money you want the character to have
Revive Brings your Character's Health back to full
AI Turns off Monster AI
addthing # replace # with an item like submachinegun and it will spawn at your feet
freecasting type freecasting on to turn off having to use blood to cast disciplines, type freecasting to turn it off
addalldisciplines Will add all disciplines to your known discipline panel. Note it will only add 2 dots into the discipline so you must train up past that


Try typing 'revive', or 'revive on' and then 'revive'. That might do the trick. Also you could try and kill him with the 'killme' command then use a scroll of 'awaken' to get him back up and see what happens.

For more info try

Vienna, eh? That's not even past the first half of the game.

The best thing on console is that it allows me to spawn poison and disease cure anywhere, that is basically what I use it for. I am yet to find an enemy too hard to beat (especially now, with Chris at str 100 and dex 95, he just smashes everything into bloody mess).

23rd November 2000, 00:38
Oh, and don't forget, the dialogues are VERY important. If you choose the right answers, you gain humanity, if you choose the wrong ones you LOSE humanity. And if you want to get to the 'happy' end, you will need a humanity score of at least 65. Otherwise, you will only get to the evil ending, or the very evil ending.

I currently have 100 humanity. Cool, huh? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

23rd November 2000, 03:53
Problem solved! I was in GOD mode, I forgot that I had typed GOD in the console!

Thanx for the tips.

Iīm in the Vysherad Mountains now...

23rd November 2000, 10:41
Hmm, I just finished the game and I have to say the final battles are really tough but very entertaining. The modern age weapons are awesome.