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16th November 2000, 15:13
well some of you might have noticved i havent been posting , or maybe you dont even know who the heck i am, but either way the reasons were i got let out of my contract back in sept and im just getting around to posting again. its my birthday im 32 and couldnt be happer starting a new job soon with a 35% increase in pay and medical to boot , wo wo thank you (my old cheap bosses for letting me go and giveing me the opertunity to 1 not be a contract emp, 2 increase my base pay and 3 work in an enviroment 100% better than i was in....) so just when you think things are the worrst they could be every thing turns out ok...... ya im so happy (now i got to go out with my friends and get drunk, its the b day thing)

16th November 2000, 15:25
happy 32th birthday mate & all the best with the job!!

16th November 2000, 17:03
"who am I and why am I here?" http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

welcome back!

17th November 2000, 12:25
Welcome back yet another 1968 born, welcome to the 32 year old club. Some of us were wondering. And richer to boot!!

20th November 2000, 12:30
Ah! '68 those were the days.

Happy B'day mate!

20th November 2000, 15:51
Shit!! I got high for the first time in 68...LOL