View Full Version : a good back up program that does...?

4th November 2000, 10:12
First why dont you just run a batch file to copy the contents of the folder you are saving to where you want your backup.

Second you could use hardware mirroring to guarantee a copy of everything in case a hard drive poops out.

Third I have heard of "ghosting" but I dont know if it is an active solution or if it is used as on-demand to copy info.

good luck

4th November 2000, 17:45
live backup? I would like it to work like this

..i point a folder(or file) and point a path to backup the folder(or file) then everytime the folder (or file) changes it would also update the backup folder w/ the new information http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

what software am i lookin for?

thx in advance guys http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

4th November 2000, 18:28
or use win nt/win2000 and setup file replication where it replicates it to a different server. or there are soem third party products to do the fiel replication to a different server. a 3rd party product was recently (the week of oct 30)reviewed in either information week or network computing i can not rember which....both of the mags are published by cmp and are also online.....

5th November 2000, 10:54
Why don't you use a raid (level 1)setup?

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