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Brian R.
31st October 2000, 08:27
This site had become unbearable with all the pop-up advertisements. Practically everytime I open a forum or topic (well much too often, anyway) I am getting a new window created containing an ad. The last time I had this much trouble with opening windows was at a Warez site.

All I've done is open and comment on one topic, and delete one duplicate post, so far, and already I've created 5 additional ad windows.

Who's responsible for this crap? This cannot continue. It won't be very long before no one will want to deal with this.

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31st October 2000, 08:32
I sympathise with you BrianR!!

31st October 2000, 09:26
It's been that damn Grab.com banner for me this morning. Whenever it appeared, I'd get a pop-up that originated in Grab.com's domain:


Oddly enough, the link broke and I was getting blank screens and DNS errors in the pop-up Window after the first incident.


31st October 2000, 09:46
www.webwasher.com (http://www.webwasher.com)

I never had any popup windows on this site... probably because I run webwasher?

31st October 2000, 09:47

31st October 2000, 10:05
I don't run webwasher and haven't seen one of these pop ups no matter how I try http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

This sort of thread should be posted in site feedback otherwise I might miss it.

31st October 2000, 10:51
I haven't seen any of that either since I reinstalled Windows that time.

31st October 2000, 10:59
just installed webwasher and it's great!
thanks guys http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

31st October 2000, 11:34
I've been running Netscape 4.76 with Javascript on for the past couple of days, ran IE 5.0 at work, and even tried some IE5.5 (before it crashed, with Windows http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif) at home again, but I've never seen these rogue adverts.

Maybe it's something your ISP has enabled, or maybe it's because you once told something somewhere (unknowingly) that you'd agree to get these pop-ups in the future, just to get rid of it.

All I can say is that I get to work and start IE 5.0 in the morning, log onto MURC and check lots of things here, before I open CC:Mail and Remedy and look in there for things work-related, and I haven't seen the rogue pop-up yet !! (At work we have a continous online connection. So once I open Murc in the morning, I don't close it till just before I go back home again.)

Must be you http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


Brian R.
31st October 2000, 12:02
Sorry, I have no clue. It is very sporadic.

ayoub_ibrahim: Does your post mean you have this trouble too?

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Brian R.
31st October 2000, 12:38
Ant: Don't we discourage the use of Webwasher or it's functional equivalent?

Also, I posted this here to get feedback. I don't think the extent of this problem is known.

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31st October 2000, 12:43
I've use a firewall that filters out all the ads on this website. However at work I can only see the normal banners at the top nothing else. One thing I did notice on my win2k machine is a sudden appearance of a program group called radiate. On opening this I discovered that it was spyware from Aureate. I've never given permission for this software to be downloaded or installed. Anyway I quick trip www.grc.com (http://www.grc.com) for the opt out software removed all this junk. So if you're still seeing rogue banners flying around I would suggest some crap has been downloaded to your machine.

Brian R.
31st October 2000, 12:54
Yeah Pit, I'll bet your right. I'm going to clean up my computer.

31st October 2000, 13:36
Even though this hasn't happened to me yet, I gotta wonder. Who thinks that this kind of intrusion would get you anything but a bunch of angry customers.

Why would advertising buyers pay for a service that did nothing but make customers mad?

Where's the money here??

Brian R.
31st October 2000, 13:48
It's probably a subliminal thing.

31st October 2000, 14:00
Who knows why. Why do companies have web pages that say email tech support who never respond to your emails? Why do companies hold onto refunds ignoring faxes and letters until the very last minute. Why do half the adverts on TY don't make any sense?

31st October 2000, 14:23
The trick to getting tech support replies is to respond with a really easy question then follow up with the one you really want an answer to. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

31st October 2000, 16:21
I've never seen any popups either, on any machine I've ever used to visit the MURC (which is quite a few! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif )


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31st October 2000, 16:21
Moved to the Site Feedback forum as Ant suggested.