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24th October 2000, 16:09
Just about a hr ago I had to put down my First hunting dog. Her name was Sassie and she was 16 years old, and I never until now know how much I loved her! When I first got her she was so full of life, I have never owned a dog that wonted to please as much as she did. She could hunt all day and be ready to drop with fatigue, but she could always find the strength to keep going! She just loved to Hunt, didn't mater what type of birds we where after. When we went duck hunting she would always let me know when she would see something flying toward us and then Quail hunting she would be so determined to find that bird that dad had crippled. She NEVER failed to retrieve the birds that I shot, no matter what the condition was. Everywhere I went she would come with me, she was my first kid! The decision to put her down was very hard for me, the heart was so very willing, but the body was not. So now she is with her Mom and Dad, hunting there butts off, and someday I will hopefully be joining her and we can have some of the good times that we shared when she was alive. I cannot fully put in words all the joy that she brought into my life!
Forgive me in posting this, I know that it may not be appropriate posting this on the murc, but I consider all of you my friends and hope you will forgive me, but I had to find someway to express the pain that I am filling at this moment.


24th October 2000, 16:29
Sorry to hear that, but nicely said!

http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon14.gif Here's to Sassie! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon14.gif


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24th October 2000, 16:32
Salute, sorry for your loss

24th October 2000, 17:19
Sorry to hear that...I feel your pain, seriously.


24th October 2000, 17:51
Been there, done that. Sorry bud.

24th October 2000, 18:52
My sympathies.

24th October 2000, 19:25
I know what you are going through, losing a dog, or any other pet, is just like losing one of the family. The good news is that good pet's spirits can live on in your future pets...really http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

BTW, what kind of dog? I have 2 labrador retrievers.


24th October 2000, 19:37
Damn!!! My sympathies Oboy. So, that's why you weren't at work. I still remember when you first got her and then trained her.

I had the pleasure of hunting with Sassie and she was a "DAMN FINE" dog.
That's got to hurt, sorry Oboy.


25th October 2000, 12:25
Perder un perro es muy duro... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

You know mexican, donīt you?

25th October 2000, 15:23
I'm truly sorry to hear of your loss.

Johnny Ray
27th October 2000, 23:13
Sorry Oboy......sounds like she was quite a companion.


28th October 2000, 02:06
Sorry to hear about the loss mate..I think we often forget how attached we become to dogs sometimes.

Unlike people they are loyal all the time, do not question and love unconditionally..It is just a shame they don't live as long.

Hope you feel better soon..It ain't easy..I know I had to have a dog put down many years ago..I've never really found the heart to get another.

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