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26th October 2000, 10:17
Sup guys, I want to know what some popular bagpipe tunes are... They have some good stuff that they'll play on National Geographic shows or something, and I want something similar to it, I got a project to do. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Thanks guys.

26th October 2000, 10:22
Oh yeah! What's the name of that one guy that dances to Bagpipe type music while dancing around? He's kinda famous I guess, I've seen him on TV a couple times... Damn, I can't think of his name, a little help please?

26th October 2000, 12:02
I'm not ignoring you...just have no clue who you are talking about or any bagpipe tunes.


26th October 2000, 12:09
Things I found:

The Piper's Bag (http://www.bagpipe.com/)

Centennial State Pipes and Drums (http://www.bagpipe.org/)

Celtic.com (http://www.bagpipe.net/)

Errrm... more?

26th October 2000, 12:54
Hey, if you like good modernish celtic style music, some of which is dance/jig type music, check out <a href="http://www.io.com/clandestine">Clandestine</a> It's a really cool group that I saw at a celtic festival that I went to last month. It's a four person group, Bagiper/Flutist, Violin/Fiddle, Percussionist/Soprano, and Guitarist/Alto, from of all places, Dallas Texas.

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26th October 2000, 21:33
Cool, thanks guys! Now I can piss off my whole dorm... heh heh.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Brian R.
26th October 2000, 23:54
Hear about the bagpipe player standing on a street corner? He had a sign that said: "Pay or I Play".