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12th October 2000, 12:02
Soggy Uk and the flooding and it's all due to climate change.
Funny at the beginning of the 90's I can remember programs showing presenters standing in the middle of dry river beds and saying Oh we're going to be in desert, Oh you got save all the water (although most of it was leaking away through burst mains), Oh this river will never run again.
Of course there now saying the oppposite and we're going to all drown instead.
Other factors are that flood plains have been built on (Due to back handers to councils) Moorlands and other enviroments changed so that the water drains off quicker.
Does any rememeber the predicition of the return of the ice age, TV programs around the late seventies and eighties used to love this in fact I may still have a book somewhere I'll have to have a look for it.
Anyway the conclusion I've come to, If I don't die of skin cancer (Due to the hole in ozone layer) I'm going to fry. Failing that I'm going to drown or freeze, be hit on the head by huge metorite, crushed by an iceberg, blown up the super volcano in the yellowstone park or drowned by a tidal wave from a landslide in the canary isles.
Have I missed anything?

12th October 2000, 12:34
I believe the time frame for the next ice age is quite large (in human standards)

Definately not in my lifetime, or that of my kids, and their kids............

12th October 2000, 13:10
It's just to the south of me - We're very wet, but not under water http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

The weather scares are just the media fighting for viewers - if it's not the end of the world today, don't worry, it will be tomorrow!


"Life is what we make of it, yet most of us just fake"

12th October 2000, 14:04
The end of the world tomorrow Shit I better get off down to the pub.

12th October 2000, 15:01
And I was hoping it would be golfing weather tomorrow! Stupid, Stinkin' weather! ؤ%]&#!!!

(Racing to kitchen to drink my last case of Carlsberg)

*thinking*: Hmm, better ask my GF for some quality time tonight... Naah I'll be too pissed by then. Sod it!