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22nd September 2000, 20:17
Alright people. Some of us here are acting like we are a bit drunk, and intolerant of people around here. I am referring to all you who are giving Joel a hard time. Seems you all forget about how Holly locked, deleted, and edited all kinds of threads and posts when she started off. This is to be expected. This is what happens when any leader starts off, they grab around a bit looking for a feel of what they should and can do, and what the people under that leadership will accept and tolerate. This is totally natural.

What I have a problem with is all you who are talking crap about him instead of giving him suggestions, and discussing this like adults.

Do I think he is being a bit "anal" right now? Yes, he is a bit uptight at this time. Does it bother me? Well, kind of, but I am sure he will loosen up, but only if we give him suggestions, and discuss what the rules are, what rules can be "bent" and what rules have to be solid. I also think that when he makes a decision, we shouldn't be going around making rude comments in other threads and generally talking trash. That is something I would expect to see at the Shark Tank, or the nVidiot forums, but not here.

So, I will start the ball rolling with suggestions:

Joel, I believe you are being a bit over the top with deleting whole threads because of one comment/joke/post. I think that you have the ability to edit posts and add your comments and reasoning without destroying an entire thread, I think it would be more appropriate to edit, rather than nuke.
I also believe that your original " I have one rule " rule is a pretty decent one. I don't like or appreciate personal stabs on any forum, either and I don't think that Joe Public should have to see that. Now, a joke is a joke, and some jokes are in bad taste, but I don't think that most jokes that are in bad taste should be deleted, but I think that is something that you can decide for on a case-by-case basis.
I also believe that Ant's no javascript rule was about not making javascript in your posts that interfere with the forums. I don't even consider embedding audio javascript, and don't think it should be off-limits in a forum topic such as the soap box, as long as it's in an appropriate thread.

Any how, my rant is over.....



22nd September 2000, 20:32
Can I help your donger's hunger pains http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


22nd September 2000, 20:43
I do agree that maybe deleting the offending posts in that thread would have been more appropriate, but unfortunately that did not occur to me until the thread was deleted. Kind of like realizing just as you let go of the car door handle that your keys are still in the car.

As for the comments about the jokes thread I did try to correct what I meant in just cleaning things up a little bit, after all this is a public forum and I don't know how many kids may see this, but I sure wouldn't want my kids to see some of the things that have been posted lately.

As for Muad'Dib post, what I have a problem with is that it is mother-this and mother-that about every other sentence as soon as you open the thread. If it have been done in such a way that the ppl veiwing the thread had the choice of listening to it or not, by clicking on it, then that would have been ok because he did post a warning about it. I mean I opened it up at work and all of a sudden, before I could adjust the volume on my speakers, everyone was looking at me because of what they were hearing. And I am giving him the chance to correct that.

I will keep all of this in mind and I will do my best to be fair in my moderation of this forum.


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22nd September 2000, 20:50
Damn Rags, well said.

Joel, keep up the good work and thanks for taking the responsibilty of moderator. I will say that I agree with the suggestions that Rags has passed forth.


22nd September 2000, 20:56
Just give me a little time, I'm still wet behind the ears.

Joel http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

22nd September 2000, 21:01
Just to help ya out here's a case of bullets. Go get em Joel.



23rd September 2000, 09:06
For the record, my dissenting has only been of the "devil's advocate" kind, and not of the "Joel sucks" kind which has been so prevalent here. He and I may disagree (vehemently at times) but he's not doing TOO bad... so far.

- Gurm

Listen up, you primitive screwheads! See this? This is my BOOMSTICK! Etc. etc.

23rd September 2000, 09:18
I just hope that some of these guys who are not happy with Joel right now take the time to post their feelings and offer some suggestions. I know I haven't seen any of the people who were making snide remarks post here yet, maybe they are too afraid? Or maybe they just don't have anything helpful to add...dunno...but I sure would like to see some response.


23rd September 2000, 09:32
I was thinking(uh-oh!), and something crossed my mind of what we do at work. When we tell jokes via email that may be offensive to some but not others, we put the letters NPC in the front of the subject line so that these people know that there may be something behind that subject line that they may not like. This gives those people the choice to choose whether or not they want to proceed in reading the email. Just a small suggestion http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

NPC = Non-Politically Correct


23rd September 2000, 10:38
...and one last thing, could we have the "Oh No" thread back? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Liquid Snake
23rd September 2000, 16:21
Good idea, Dave!

Hugh G Recshun
23rd September 2000, 19:55

Are you suggesting that Joel is your "Wanky"?

Hugh G.

23rd September 2000, 20:45
LOL, Hugh.

"No more Yanky My Wanky!" is from the movie sixteen candles. So, is "The Donger NEED FOOD!".

I thought people here were acting like a bunch of drunk "Long Duck Dongs", and could use some nudging to think clearly again...Doesn't look like anyone gives a care.