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Johnny Ray
10th June 2000, 23:29
Does anyone like this? IMO, a devoted TFC, time to look for another game. A test of netcode for TF2? Yikes! Does not bode well. I notice only a slight difference in smoothness, and the game plays terribly now.

What I like:

a) Slightly improved graphics
b) better, smoother sound
c) easier to "tag" folks effectively as a medic.
d) the engy modifications are nice.

What I don't like:

Everything else! How about that character balance now. Wow.

Your opinions?


11th June 2000, 10:40
well, id been trying that mod for about a day since it came out, i find that the Heavy Weapons guy is more fun (probably due to play balance). I have seen one bug, but have heard of others
The bug that i saw was when joining the game, after selecting a team, i was still marked as unassigned. Dunno why, ahwell.

The other bugs i cant remember now, im too busy playing Q3-Q3F in win2k (the only OS i could run it in for some reason!)
I like the new GUI menu, but i dont think ill be playing that version of TF/C for a while (as in Half-lifes version)

enough of my babbling...bye


11th June 2000, 20:29
I think this is an issue you have to ask in Matrox Gaming, instead of in TSB.


11th June 2000, 21:59
I was going to say "You're right, Jorden", but as I was about to transfer the topic I realized the error we both made.

The Gaming forum is for Matrox HW issues that display themselves in games. It's not really for general games discussion.

So I guess you guys can stay after all.



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12th June 2000, 11:04
I think that the HW is now WAAAAY to strong. I've seen a heavy cut down a soldier in no time - the soldier couldn't even run away.

My main beef is the way that sniping works now. Valve swears the hit calc (or whatever you call it) is still done on the server side, but I can't tell you how many times I've been sniped AFTER I enter respawn or something like that.

What I *think* is happening is that the hit calc is done on the client. I can't think of any other reason that I get 'pulled back' into the open to die. Because someone on a 28.8 modem hits me (according to their slow connection), it takes a half-second for their computer to tell the server, who tells my computer I'm dead. Perhaps it's more accurate from the slower connection point of view, but really kills the gameplay and penalizes those of us fortunate enough to have cable or DSL.

All in all, I don't think the game is much fun anymore. I used to hate class limits but now I think snipers and heavys are way too powerful and should be limited. How much skill goes into walking into the enemy base fully loaded with armor & an assault cannon that can't be stopped and just open up?

I've been playing spy lately and see no difference from the earlier version (except it's faster to die from snipers & heavies).

13th June 2000, 03:18
http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif i wouldn't know. i got addited to evercrack so now i don't play counterstrike anymore http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

but i do love eversmack

13th June 2000, 08:58
I haven't played TFC on the net for a couple of weeks, hence I've not tried the new patch. I was worried that Snipers (and HW's) would become much more 'powerful' from what I had read about the new netcode. Oh well, I'll try it before I make any more comments.........

13th June 2000, 09:33


In case it's a harware problem:
PIII-500, 256 MB, G400 MAX DH on, ABIT BH6, MX300
Win2K drivers: 5.03

13th June 2000, 13:13
Counter-Strike? Counter-Strike?
so there FaRaN !!!!
btw...i no like counterstrike...i always play on unbalanced sides...at least as far as im concerned
Frankfurt http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

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14th June 2000, 08:49
Counter-Strike is good, but I prefer TFC http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

14th June 2000, 11:12
Okay, I'm changing my mind a little bit.

I've stuck it out and am really beginning to like the patch.

I've never seen such a false sense of security in my life. You get these HWs who think they are invincible. You get snipers who are no longer concerned with what happens behind them.

I've been playing spy since about a month before the patch came out. When the patch came out, everyone wanted to be a sniper, so I let 'em.

My main goal is to scout the enemy base and report back on sentry guns, etc. Then I clean house on the sniper deck! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Time and time again, new snipers refuse to look behind or next to them. I'll act like I'm sniping right along with them and then turn & *POKE*. I can do it all day, too. They never figure it out.

My favorite is when they start whining that "That damn spy keeps killing me" and leave the game.

Mission accomplished.

Spy tip: When entering the enemy base, run in backwards and throw a regular grenade to make it look like you're being chased. The defenders will rush past you to kill the attacker and you can stab them at will.

Andy (aka Fenster)