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27th May 2000, 05:43
After two years of med. school I have finally done some CPR.

I was taught how to do it years ago, boy has it changed!

I cant believe how useless it is. (kind of like those oxygen masks in planes!)

Any views?

27th May 2000, 06:36
I took it years ago as well. Back then It was two full breaths and then 15 compressions for adults. I can't remember what it was for small children and infants.

The other thing is that nowadays there are masks to put on the victims mouth to avoid direct contact because of the STD's (Aids,etc.)and other highly contageous diseases.


27th May 2000, 07:29
I think that the ration of 2:15 is still correct. However, you would need to drink around two pints of saliva to statistically have a chance of catching any blood-born virus such as HIV.

When i was younger, CPR was always taught as being a 'wonderfull' life-saving tool.

In the hospital however, I was told that it is useless - you should always leave the patient alone and get help - no matter what (apparently).

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29th May 2000, 03:26
Hah! That sounds like the "Torniquet Question" from when I had First Aid in school... It must have gone for more than one term because it seems like the issue came up over and over....

Originally we were taught to tie a torniquet tightly and leave it so until we could get medical attention for the person.

Then, at some later point, we were told, no, we should tie it but then loosen it every hour or 2 hours to allow some blood circulation (I guess to the part of the limb still healthy, but below the torniquet).

Still later, we were re-instructed to never loosen a torniquet once applied.

I found it alarming that such instructions changed and just hoped I never was the only one around in such a situation....

But I would think that CPR does have its uses, if limited. The 'Samaritan Law' notwithstanding, it seems that if one was right there as a victim was pulled from the water or whatever, it wouldn't be useless at all... why would they say it is?


29th May 2000, 12:32
I learnt CPR when I took the St John's three cross first aid award thingy a few years back at school. It was 2:15 then too. I've never had to use it yet, and hope that I never do have to! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


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29th May 2000, 16:20
Pauly, last I learned CPR, it was 1 breath and 5 compressions for a kid.

30th May 2000, 01:46
Its just that we were told to get help straight away. Not to start CPR unless you are sure help is on the way.

If the patient is in cardiac arrest (no pulse), we were told not to bother looking for it anymore and just to carry on the chest compressions. Apparently the chances of binging somone around are so remote that we shouldn't waste the time checking!

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