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17th May 2000, 08:19
Hello, people.

I am running W98SE and Im intending to install Win2000 Pro and make my system dual-boot because of graphic design stability (and speed).
What software doesnt really run on this platform? Does Photoshop 5 and Freehand 8 work well?

Id like some opinions on what advantages might Win2K bring to my system, both in gaming and in graphic work:

Celeron 433@459Mhz
Intel Atlanta 440LX motherboard @70.7 FSB (Bios 14)
Soundblaster PCI 128
128 Mb SDRAM 100 Mhz
Matrox G200 8Mb SDRAM AGP @103/137Mhz (Bios 2.6.20)
4.3 Gb Western Digital Caviar EIDE
Iomega internal 100Mb Zip drive
Sony HMD-A200 17" Trinitron
Windows 98 SE portug.

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17th May 2000, 09:14
I notice that you have a G200. The only warning that I would offer to you is the the Win2000 drivers from M aren't entirely up to snuff yet. I'm not saying that they are bad, they are stable, but I have had a little trouble from time to time.

As far as the software you're inquireing about, well, one of my friends in my dorm is running 2000 and Photoshop 5.5 and he hasn't had any trouble so far. I don't have any direct experience myself though. In case you want a hardware reference point for stabilty concerns, he's got an Athlon 650@761 (117 FSB) on an MSI K7Pro with a G400 and he has had no troubles at all so far.

Good Luck

17th May 2000, 10:10
Thanx, Ian.

Any more views on this?

17th May 2000, 10:21
Hi Alec,

Photoshop 5.5 works fine for me, but I don't run Freehand.
Regarding dual-boot, it would be an idea to have a seperate partition for W2K - this keeps everything nice and seperate. I personally dual-boot to W2K and Millenium (for beta testing), and it all works fine for me. I'm happy with W2K.

17th May 2000, 11:08
My list of successful apps:

Photoshop 5.0, Pagemaker 6.52 (some problems though), Dreamweaver 3, Paint Shop Pro 5, Office 95, 97 & 2000 and lots more lesser stuff like WinZip etc.


Any attempt at DVD videos!

Sys: P2-350, 256Mb, Super P6SBA, 20Gb, Pioneer 10x DVD, Pioneer 36x CD, Yamaha CD-RW 6416, IDE Zip 100, TNT2, SBLive!, 3Com 10/100 NIC, Advansys SCSI, 56k modem.

Hope this helps,


17th May 2000, 11:10
Ol Alec!

Go to www.ntcompatible.com (http://www.ntcompatible.com)
They have a very nice database about hardware and software NT 4.0/5.0 compatible.

E fora a com o windows 2000, como da noite pr dia depois de se estar habituado ao win98

17th May 2000, 11:17
When you install Win2K MAKE SURE YOU DO IT FROM WINDOWS 98!!!!!

The setup reported that it could not determine win Win version so i had to install from DOS, and the bugger upgraded 98 to 2K - no option to dual boot.


17th May 2000, 11:32
Yes, but if I use Norton System Commander 2000 to install Win2K, its OK.

17th May 2000, 15:36

1. I don't recommend Norton System Commander.

2. I haven't yet found an APPLICATION that doesn't run at least 90% on Win2k. Most run 100%.

3. Games are a crapshoot. Most current DirectX games run just fine. Quake and Quakealikes seem to run ok (a bit slower though). Older games are a toss-up. VERY old games run perfectly, for some odd reason. Better than they did under Win9x.

4. Don't dual-boot. Just ditch Win98.

- Gurm

Listen up, you primitive screwheads! See this? This is my BOOMSTICK! Etc. etc.

17th May 2000, 16:03
Ok, you convinced me.
Clean install or over Win98?

By the way, how much does W2K eat up in the way of resources?
Win98 system after boot up eats up 20-35 MB RAM generically, depending on the computer. WIN2K?

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17th May 2000, 22:37
Start fresh, clean install.

17th May 2000, 22:41
If you are uneasy about moving right over to a new OS such as Win2k, do what I do. Buy a new HDD, and install it clean on the new hard drive, and use your bios as your boot manager.


18th May 2000, 01:25
The W2K CDROM is a bootable CD, so assuming you have a bios that has this function you can go straight into the setup program without resorting to DOS or Win98. If you want to dual boot grab a copy of Partition Magic and give yourself a second partition after the win98 one.

18th May 2000, 06:25
I would dual boot first or at least use a different partition. You never know wha secrets Mr. Gates has in store...