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10th May 2000, 09:20
Here's two scanned pages from the May issue of PCFormat, a British PC magazine.

They had a 3D Card Roundup, and it showed the G400 & Max as well...

And yes, for the infamous ronnie (if not blocked through his ISP...) it shows the ATI cards as well...

Ofcourse, three of the Geforces out there are better, but as you can read in the Max review, it does outrate the Geforce in fill-rates.

All tests were done on a PII-333 with 128 Mb RAM.

Do know that loading these pics may take up some time. The first is 301k, the second is 227k !!

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10th May 2000, 09:27
How come they list the DooDoo as AGP2x card ???

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10th May 2000, 09:29
The 3dfx Voodoo 3500 TV is AGP, Magster.
The 3000 is a shamely PCI http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


10th May 2000, 09:42
Because it can use AGP 2x voltages and transfers, but doesn't support DIME.


10th May 2000, 10:34
Even with twice the onboard RAM, the Maxx Fury (d'ya think it has enough buzz-names?) still comes in a percentage point below the G400....

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10th May 2000, 11:04
For such an "old" card (it's the oldest of those listed here, except that AWESOME 60% rated ATI Rage Fury! 32meg) G400 is holding up pretty well, I'd say. When those Geforces are a year old like G400 is, they probably won't even be listed on these charts any more. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

They do have several of the AGP speeds wrong.
G400/G400Max are currently 4x cards (although the first ones weren't).
Voodoos are 0x. Yea, they fit in an AGP slot, but they do no AGP texturing.

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10th May 2000, 12:05
I'm moving this over to MHW with Ant's blessing...