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Brian R.
8th May 2000, 15:20
A friend of mine and his wife were on vacation in one of the virgin islands (I forget, they all sound alike to me). Anyway, after they were there for a couple of day, someone broke into their hotel room and stole all their money, and other assorted valubles. They thought it was fortunate the burglar didn't steal their camera (cheap) with their vacation photos. They developed the photos once they got back from the islands and found the a couple of photos of a big fat guy mugging for the camera with my friend's wallet. They had a couple of photos of him in my friends' wife's underwear. The last photo showed the fat burglar mooning the camera with my friends' wife's toothbrush stuck up his butt. End of story.

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8th May 2000, 16:49
eYUKKKKK!!!!!!! I bet she doesn't brush her teeth anymore http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/redface.gif


Brian R.
8th May 2000, 19:00
I think she bought a new toothbrush...

I still have nightmares about the first time she used it after the break-in. I hope he didn't do both of their toothbrushes. They'll never know.

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9th May 2000, 03:20
oh my god, thats evil....

9th May 2000, 05:33
Strange this story seems to have done the rounds already.

Brian R.
9th May 2000, 05:41
Probably, I couldn't resist telling it again.