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25th April 2000, 05:49
<Jammrock steps up on his cast iron soap box>

Matrox recently announced the G450, which is an improved version of the G400. This raises a dillema. Since the next card out is the G450 and if Matrox keeps their current naming standard (double the number of the previous chip) then will the next chip be the G800 or the G900? Or will they completely abandon the whole G-thing?

If Matrox calls their next gen chip the G800, then people may think that the chip is based off the inferior G400. So it would be logical to call it the G900. But several sites and people already think of the next gen chip as the G800, so changing names now could cause name recognition problems.

Its all so confusing...


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25th April 2000, 05:57
First, we can't be sure what the next chip will be called (the Matrox rep I spoke to a few weeks ago would only call it "the next chip").
I think there is a later revision of the G200 called the G250, or 225 and only aimed at OEMs, no ? And it didn't change the G400's name. Or it would have been called the G450, and so the G450 (the one revealed today) would have been the G475, and you would have asked if the next card would be called G900 or G950. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

By bet on G800.
Corwin the Brute

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Brian R.
25th April 2000, 07:47
I would vote for Millenium III

25th April 2000, 09:56
nah, call it "The NEXT Millenium"

26th April 2000, 00:04
One problem for Matrox is that the domain Name www.g800.com (http://www.g800.com) is already resigered already....I was bored and wanted to see if they got that domian name.


26th April 2000, 16:57
release it next year and call it the TRUE Millenium.

1st May 2000, 06:31
but was there a year 0?

1st May 2000, 09:56
Ack! Maybe they can choose another M-word.

In any case, there was/is a G250. They ended up in some HP machines. This is from Matrox's press release:

"Powered by the speed-graded Matrox G250 chip, the Millennium G250 is 6 percent* faster in 2D and 19 percent** faster in 3D than the Millennium G200. This increase in speed offers mainstream corporate desktop users higher performance in graphics-intensive applications such as Web browsing, while also future-proofing their systems against obsolescence. An AGP 2X card with 8 MB of SGRAM, the Millennium G250 is equipped with all of the productivity-enhancing features that won the Millenium G200 the 1999 PC World "World Class Award"."

See? It's "future proof." Remember when that was the big buzzword?

So there were G100 (Productiva, Multi-Monitor), but no G150, at least four G200's (Millenium, Mystique, Marvel, and Multi-Monitor), a G250, three G400's, and now the G450. (In addition I believe the G200 Mystique first shipped with SDRAM and then with SGRAM, and there was an SDRAM OEM version of the G200 Millenium. There are also 16/32 MB, DH/SH, AGP 2X/4X permutations of the G400. Collect them all!)

The pattern has been, from chip to chip, to double the number and add 50 to the enhancement. So the next chip should be the G800.

These are marketing decisions, and therefore completely arbitrary. The problem is, as the numbers get higher, things start to get messy. Sticking with the pattern would result in a G850, a G1600, a G1650, a G3200 ...


1st May 2000, 11:18
Why not skip all that and just name it the G-2001 ... I think it'll have at least one HAL again, wouldn't it? In true SF thinking, the name jumps out. Arthur C. Clarke-ish maybe, but who cares? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Matrox G-2001 ... there's a name that sticks out http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


1st May 2000, 20:05
It'll probably something that involves the name of a snake, a latin word, or a large carnivorous bird.

hmm. 3dfx has Voodoo, why not Santeria?