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23rd April 2000, 10:26
I still have a copy of the original King's Quest back from 1983-ish. The game came on a single 5 1/4 720k floppy in a non-standard sized plastic box. The best part is the system requirements:

IBM Color Display or television


128KB of memory

Woohoo! 128K of memory. I actually had a PCjr back then along with the original Microsoft Flight Simulator which came out that Christmas. OH, and look! the copyright is from 1983. <sigh> I remember when Sierra was a great company...

Anyone else got something stashed away?


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23rd April 2000, 11:46
Got one of the first Indy Cars games. Indy 500. Played it on my P3 and errr quit pretty fast as well... that game is for slow computers http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Try any of your old games on your Super PC of today http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif It'll scare the hell out of you http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


23rd April 2000, 12:15
Yeah, no kidding Jord. I have one of those indy games too, although I have recently lost it. I could hardly run it on my 300 system. It was crazy!!! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif Anyway, I think the oldest game I have is Dune 1 (ok, who's surprised on THAT one.... lol)! You should try flying around with the ornithopter on a 750Mhz.... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif WOW! BTW, if anyone wants it, http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif it's only like 2.5 megs or so.....


23rd April 2000, 13:57
Corrections added

I have Adventure in Serenia.
This is Sierra's first color game.
Considered the first color Adventure game.
It's on a single sided 160k disk.
It came packaged with the original IBM PC.
It's a self booter and can't run on anything past a 286. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif
It's like the old text based "Adventure" for mainframes but with rudimentary graphics.
(If I remember correctly. Obviously, it's been a while since I had a computer it would run on.)

PS If we're talking about PCs I don't think it's possible to go back any farther. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

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23rd April 2000, 14:03
I have a copy of the original Civilization that I picked up in 1992!


23rd April 2000, 15:48
Rogue. Still a great game with the simplest of graphics.

23rd April 2000, 16:44
I seem to remember a command-line Dungeons and Dragons type game that you had to program into your TI-99 with BASIC. You'd walk into a room and some random monster would come at you. This was actually fun then. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I also remember something we played in college (whoa this dates me) before that which was basically the same thing, but we played it on the school's mainframe from the computer room in our dorm, connected with a good old-fashioned external modem that you crammed a telephone handset into! Network gaming circa 1980.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Kind Regards,


23rd April 2000, 18:21
KvHagedorn, also sounds like Rogue or its predecessor, Hack.
I've still got an old Star Trek game on paper tape from one of those old TTY terminals: ran it on the California State University CDC Cyber system at Northridge in the mid-70's (I was dialing in from Cal Poly, SLO). BTW, the handset mount was/is called an acoustic coupler.

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23rd April 2000, 18:49
I have an old game but I may lose on a technicality...

About 5 years ago, Activision released a disc containing all the Infocom text games.

How about Planetfall or Deadline or Zork 1?

Games are old, but the disc is a re-release, does it count?

24th April 2000, 02:40
the oldest pc game? wizardry 1 (runs off a 5.25 floppy. whay do i stall have it (the box looks nice. yes i still have the software insude.)

i must toss it out when i get home (as well as some other ol;der computer game stuff (comador64 games in a stored in a box)

24th April 2000, 05:17
Do Apple IIe games count? How about TI 99-4a games, I got some of those?

As for PC...I don't have many of my old games for PC any more. The farthest back I go there is 688 Attack Sub or Star Control 2.


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24th April 2000, 09:15
If we're gonna open it up beyond PC games, I've still got the cartridge for the VIC-20 version of some Adventure-type game set on a pirate island. I'll have to dig it up and get the actual name. Have no idea where the computer (for lack of a better word..) is but the topic IS 'oldest game in possesion'!

Also, I think somewhere I still have Lode Runner from my old Apple II+ (WITH the 16k memory card, total 64k thank you very much!)

Somebody's gotta have an old Xerox 8" floppy with a game somewhere, right?


24th April 2000, 12:02
I have two cartridge for my c-64 (doesn,t work anymore). Jumpman Junior by Epix and Maze master by HesSoftware. (doesn't make me younger....).

24th April 2000, 14:06
BTW, if anyone wants it, it's only like 2.5 megs or so.....

I want it Dimitri http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

(think it can go with an e-mail ?)

24th April 2000, 14:45
hmm.. let me see..

- bard's tale(i had it first on my apple IIe, then i found out the pc version is better.. *grumble* then i got it for the pc version when i got a real pc *no flames please*)

- king's quest(got i spend many many hours on that. i didn't a hmm.. 'online version' where me and my buddy would be on the phone and tell each other what we were doing and find the clues together :P )

- alot of cracked games.. too many to name :P

in the 80's, while i was still in high school. we would have a list of all the games we have and start trading. we either borrow or just go home and make copies, then go back to school the next day to make the trade. god that was like heaven until the cd comes around (2x cd PLAYER was like $1200)in the very late 80's to the early 90's. we were 'force' to buy games. :P

let me go to the attic and see if i can find any 'older' games. heh http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

24th April 2000, 15:15
Hmm, I have an Atari 600XL Asteroids cartridge from the low to mid '80s, that would be the oldest computer game I still have (somewhere).

24th April 2000, 15:18
Sorry Andrei, I can't send emails now. I have been too lazy to actually go down to the school's tech center and figure out why too, so until that, I'm stuck with ICQ and AIM. You got either? If so, just add me.

ICQ: 20443829


24th April 2000, 16:58
I have "Moebius" by Origin Systems. Bought a new copy at a closeout sale a year ago, 'cuz one of my disks died, and it was only $5. Well, one of the disks in the new one is dead, and I'm pissed. Gonna make Origin replace it under "warranty". Figure they can e-mail me the whole 500K game now.

- Gurm

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24th April 2000, 18:31
Dude, I have "Camel" and "Adventure", on TAPES, for the TRS-80 Model 1. I transferred them both to 8" floppy at one point... but the floppies left with the system.

- Gurm

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25th April 2000, 00:37
I've got ICQ on a CD somewhere, but I got to search for it, install it and see if my account is still valid. I'll do that this evening http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

For the oldest games in my possesion... I think it's Stunts.

25th April 2000, 03:28

i remember bards tale what a great game

hey what was your favorit game ???

25th April 2000, 06:18

Wow, you make me feel old. You are aware that Syndicate Wars is based on the earlier game Syndicate, right? (And the original was a better game, IMHO). Wow.

Dune 1? I was already working writing video games when that one came out, we were pretty impressed. (Then, of course, we got our prerelease copies of Doom 1, and got NOTHING ELSE DONE for about a week!)

- Gurm

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25th April 2000, 12:06
merchant2112: gotta be ULTIMA III and IV. and also this other game that's similar.. forgot.. hm... something ...tron. another RPG. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

25th April 2000, 12:15
Tron was a fantastic coin-op. Even the follow-up Tron Discs was great.

Man, I remember when I had the reflexes to play video games... Nowadays, they're a buck a play and I live about 45 seconds... Anyway, back to PC games!

Speaking of the Atari, I know the 2600 isn't a PC but remember Yar's Revenge? Oh wait, I said back to PC games... Sorry.

25th April 2000, 13:31
Still have Chuck Yeager's air combat. That's the oldest game I have for the PC. Next up is Wolfenstein 3D.



25th April 2000, 14:53
I've still got the console for an original Pong.....hasn't worked in ages but makes a great conversation piece......kind of like all the old LP records I've got stashed away (actually I've been ripping them into MP3's of late....)

On the PC side, I think the oldest I've got is the original F15 Strike Eagle and Gunship. God, I use to spend hours flying that chopper around, 6-8 hour missions, pure fun, simple interface, just go out and smoke the bad guys.

25th April 2000, 16:43
oldest game, well i won't win any awards here, but i have a original copy of betrayal of krondor (can you believe that raymond e. recently published a book on this game thinking he pass it off as a new book and that we'll all forgotten about game... huh! back then he still wrote good material...not any more). also got a original copy of syndicate wars, still very playable. think i still got a copy of deathtrack on 5inch floating about. ever try playing this game on a p3, whoooa be careful not to blink or you'll miss 3 laps... love those big ass caltrops.

Muad'Dib ah you wouldn't be um a frank herbert fan? yeah i'd love a copy of dune 1, used to have it myself until the disk died...

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25th April 2000, 18:34

The game you're thinking of is QUESTRON. Kickass game. Great ending.

- Gurm

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25th April 2000, 19:34

i don't know which came first but i loved that game. i used to walk around 'brainwashing' everyone one with the persuadatron until all the people in the city were following my band of corporate thugs. it was nice being able to walk up to building and waste it in about a second from the collective firepower. unfortunately the average civvy wasn't well armoured so they used to end up being a big red puddle at my agents feet. hehe.
another old favourite was civilisation I/II, the first was good because you could change the text in the start up intro. it was fun having friends around while starting up the game and watching their eyes go wide as the intro abused them. hehe.
another sid meyer favourite was colonisation, if you have ever played this game you'll know what i mean when i refer to the incas & aztecs as 'the bank' that used to give on the spot loans in the time of need. unfortunately the other natives didn't appreciate your method of 'withdrawing' funds. Hehe
you’re a mega-lo-maniac…hehe, you know when something’s wrong when you start to refer to yourself in the third person….

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25th April 2000, 20:05
Somewhere around here I have my dad's monopoly board game. I think it's from the 50's.

25th April 2000, 20:25
gurm: YES, that was the game!!! god i loved that game. i have to say it's even better than ultima. of course it's also because it's the first rpg game where i finished without having to cheat :P seriously though.. great story line.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

25th April 2000, 20:29
The oldest game anyone should have in his/her possession ofcourse is Chess http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

If not on on the first computers (Vic20, C-4, C16, ZX-81, C64 or better) then as a board game http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Sorry, couldn't resist that pun http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


26th April 2000, 06:56

Umm... is the word "pun" different for you than it is for me? I'm not asking to be mean, this is an interesting tangent.

In Chinese, a "pun" is a series of words which "rhyme" (although we can't hear the differences, to westerners it sounds like the same word over and over again because our ears don't work that way) and make a little ditty. There's one which goes "the monk went up the stairs and then fell down and..." but all you hear is "Shao shao shao shao shao shao shao".

In English, a pun is a clever play on words, usually to use a word in a double-sense, or to use a word which sounds very much like the proper word but isn't.

You obviously have some third meaning for the word "pun". Enlighten me!

- Gurm

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26th April 2000, 11:57
Oldest C64 Game I have is still Solo Flight (Copyright 1983). Oldest Amiga game I got is original King of Chicago, made in 1985. Oldest game I have period, is back in 1981 when I had my TRS-80 portable, I bought a book with programs you typed in yourself (only had 1K in that thing and a 80x8 LCD screen) that's copyrighted 1981. Farther back than that only stuff from my collection, but thats hardware only (got an IBM mainframe from 1973, same year I was born).

Also as a side note, I used to play that Star Trek game on TTY terminals when I was like, 8 or so, but my memory of last week is sketchy, forget about 19 years ago or so.

26th April 2000, 15:48
Jason... exactly what I meant... pun, as in double meaning. Oldest game on the PC against oldest game know http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


26th April 2000, 15:55
What was the name of that game on every office PC - you flew a ship against someone else and there was a black hole in the middle of the screen constantly pulling you inward?

I want to say you typed "spwar" to play it. It was pretty universal at any office PC I ever sat at as a kid.

26th April 2000, 16:14
How about oldest network game (not just playing against the machine)? Anbody remember Snipes on NetWare?

26th April 2000, 16:16
oh, I remember this one game similar where you fly around in your space ship and can mine planets and stuff like that. I think it was starship or something like that? I'll might find it at home later. I'll let you know.


26th April 2000, 16:46
Andy, I think it was either I-Ball or Wizzball, both of them also on the C64 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


27th April 2000, 06:49
I still have RockMan for my Vic-20.

27th April 2000, 13:48
I think i've got a copy of F/A 18 Interceptor for my Amiga. It was one bootable 3.5" floppy disk. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif I also have SimCity, and a whole bunch more games (Roger Rabbit Game. It was 2! whole 3.5: disks)

I still have the software, but i fired the Amiga2000. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif I was only like 8.... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

28th April 2000, 00:24
The oldest game in my possesion is gunship for C64 from 1986.
But what about that game that was included in dos, how old is that thing.
The oldest game i ever played gotta be that tennis game on tv back in the 70's.


28th April 2000, 07:48
I have pole position on the BBC,
Spy vs. Spy on the Amstrad CPC6428?
- you know the non-standard 3 and a bit disks only spelt disc.?

I love basic http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

I have a bright orange 'thing' which plugs into the tele and plays pong.

on the PC.....
hitch hikers guide to the galaxy text adventure game?
Not sure how old it is, but classy nevertheless!

28th April 2000, 07:52
I still didn't get your 'pun' Jord?

28th April 2000, 11:37

never mind http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

Chess isn't probably the oldest game after all... maybe checkers is... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

Jord (100)

28th April 2000, 17:32
A version of Space War, the very first video game, for the Commodore SuperPET SP9000 (circa 1981). This game was distributed on an audio cassette.

Did you know the SuperPET had two processors? 6502 & 6809.

Dr. Mordrid

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29th April 2000, 07:16
Still have Lode Runner and the C64 from 1983 on which it ran. Sat up for 6 hours the first night playing it hooked up to a 14" tv because we couldn't afford the 14" monitor yet. I remember it had 150 levels but I never got there without cheating. Must have gone through a dozen joysticks after my kids got hooked on it.


29th April 2000, 07:30
Nostalgia anyone?

http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d93-alo/c64/thrust/thrustpc.gif http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d93-alo/c64/screen_shots/rbisland.gif

http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d93-alo/c64/screen_shots/kikstrt2.gif http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d93-alo/c64/screen_shots/gauntl_a.gif

http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d93-alo/c64/screen_shots/fistplus.gif http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d93-alo/c64/screen_shots/empiresb.gif



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29th April 2000, 07:56
The oldest game I have that is still loaded on my system is Populous (about 1990). I remember it first coming out on the Amiga in the late 80's -- it's still quite playable today.
I remember while in college (late 70's) playing a couple of games on the school's main frame... Lunar Lander and Star Trek. While in high school, Pong was introduced. The student center had one coin-op set up. Always had a line of 10 or so people waiting to play.

30th April 2000, 05:12
That takes me back Jord!

Those star wars games were great!