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21st April 2000, 01:54
Hi! I run the french site www.planetematrox.com (http://www.planetematrox.com) with Patryk (a fellow co-MURCer).
A few days ago, we had a general thread going well in our message boards, about the FSAA vs T&L argument. Needless to say, being Matrox owners, most of the people on the board were heavily favouring FSAA and hoping it would be a feature of the G800...
A guy we had never seen before (nickname X-Box) entered the board, and start bragging about how the GeForce was great, and the GeForce 2 would be even greater...
The discussion then became both extremly technical and pretty heated.

At first, I believed it was nothing but another NVidia troll, but Patryk learned that the guy was in fact a PR working for NVidia... Nice one, no ?

Corwin the Brute

21st April 2000, 02:16
Ô un français, fait plaisir de voir un adepte de la noble langue de Molière en ces contrées reculées de l'anglicisme absolu.
Je sens que mon butineur va faire un p'tit tour par ce site francophone ;-)

A+, Vlip

21st April 2000, 02:52
Viens de me taper la lecture complète du thread en question.
Je dois l'avouer le language technique y est des plus relevée. C'est exactement à la limite supérieure de mes connaissances actuelles dans le domaine (genre je comprends ce qu'ils disent, mais je me garderais bien d'ouvrir mon clapet).
Mon cerveau est raide pour un jti moment mais j'ai au moins appris pas mal de chose.
Je tiens à rajouter que je déteste les cartes "BIC" de Nvidia, quand j'achète une carte graphique je m'attends à ce qu'elle ai une espérance de vie supérieure à 6 mois. C'est pour ça que Matrox me convient parfaitement, je n'ai peut-être pas la meilleure carte, mais toujours une excellente qui reste bonne pendant un bout de temps. La on me dira que rien ne me force à changer ma carte graphique tous les six mois ;-)
Pour moi, le fond de la discussion est qu'il est temps au grand nom du PC (AMD, Intel) de se mettre au boulôt pour mettre à jour l'architecture interne de nos jouets préférés afin de passer à quelque chose de plus modernes (surtout aux accès mémoires).

A+, Vlip

21st April 2000, 08:05
Welja... ga een beetje buitenlands zitten te lullen... errrr oops http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Can someone translate that please, for je parle une grande petit peu Francais http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

(i.e. NOT ENOUGH to understand the above ramble... )


21st April 2000, 08:17
Ok, let's translate... I'll sum up, in fact.
1st message :
Can I skip this one ? ;-)

2nd message :
Vlip is very pleased to have found both french MURCers and a french Matrox-related site (actually, he used the word "butineur", which is a very stupid word for browser http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif )

3rd message :
Vlip has read the trolled thread, is impressed by the technical speach http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif and ends by expressing his disgust for NVidia's "throwable" cards (wouldn't disposable be a better word ?), how he loves his Matrox card, and that it is time enough to upgrade the entire PC architecture (especially memory architecture).

4th message :
Sorry, I'm stuck for the 1st sentence... Can someone help ? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Corwin the Brute

21st April 2000, 08:32
I see Vlip 2 times... but okay that would be me http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Errrrm, we throw with nVidia cards, so that would be correct for us Matrox card users. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif
But the nVidia is a lethal weapon when thrown directly at an unsuspecting gamer, so throwing it (away from you in disgust) is Not what you should do http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Way better to pass it when you see it http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Disposing of it, wouldn't that make it environmental unsafe garbage, so you have to wrap it in a plastic bag, encase that in a stainless steel container, encase that in concrete, and bury the whole thing in a deep pit (20,000 feet at least)?? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


21st April 2000, 11:02
Sorry corwin...i dont see how you organized the message aspect of his two posts i dont know which aspect of the message you were unable to translate...it seems as though you got the entire set of messages summarized fairly well. There are some words in there that i myself dont recognize, but i was able to follow what he was saying without much trouble.


21st April 2000, 11:27
Hmm, I do believe I need to translate that stuff myself ;-)

First Post:
O, a french, it's nice to see somebody who uses the noble language from Moliere in those total english owned lands.
I feel like my browser ( I admit, butineur IS the most stupid way to say browser in french, I never intended to be smart on this one ;-)) will make a little trip on this french speaking site.

Second Post:

Just read the full thread in question.
I must admit it, the technical language of it is really at the highest level. It is exactly the upper limit of my today's knowledge in this domain (like I understand quite well, but I better shut up).
My brain is fuzzy now, but it's not bad I've learned a few things.
I want to insist on the fact that I hate Nvidia "BIC" cards (I don't know if you know BIC? It's a french company who is selling items you use once and trash after, like a one use shaver, pen,... I just found funny the comparison between nvidia's card and this way of using items. Maybe a good translation would be: Fire and Forget cards, well maybe not) when I buy a gfx card I expect it to have a longer life span than six months. That's why I like Matrox, I maybe won't have the best card but It's still a good one for a while. Here somebody will say I don't have to change my gfx card each six months.
For me, the conclusion of the thread is that it is time for the big corps of the PC world (Intel, AMD) to take a white sheet and change the architecture of the PC's, especially the access to memory who looks quite bad to me.

So here is my translation, I've done my best, especially on the first post who is quite hard to translate because I let myself write in a style I can only write in french.

Jorden, I absolutely agree with what you say about "throwing" Nvidia cards, but I meant, throwing away, not throwing on somebody ;-)
And yes, I'm quite scared that once a boat full of Nvidia's cards may sink on the french coast, that would be a MAJOR environmental disaster.
Happily I'm swiss ;-)


P.S: Sorry, but I was so happy to be able to write in French, I promise, I'll stick to english from now on.

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22nd April 2000, 05:57
I suspect it is very bad form for a representative of nVidia to bash Matrox in a public forum. Maybe he thought he could get away with it because it was a French-language forum.

This fits in nicely with my theory that the use of nVidia boards lowers one's IQ. Matrox, of course, is headquartered in a French-speaking land. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

NVidia, I believe, is headquartered in my neck of the woods. Here the language of Shakespeare is, for the most part, shouted into cel phones.

Corwin, as webmaster, I'm sure you can get this guy in trouble simply by bringing it to nVidia's attention. You might have to remind them that just about everyone at Matrox speaks French (because of that nVidia IQ thing I described earlier).


24th April 2000, 12:20
je ne suis pas sur qu'on ne les encourage pas à faire cela( je parle des gens de relations publiques de Nvidia). Assez typique des tactiques de NVidia, je ne suis pas vraiment surpris.

My own translation: I'm not sure they don't praise their people to do what this PR guy had done. nvidia have some twisted marketing way usually, this doesn't surprise me at all.