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22nd April 2000, 09:20
It used to be I was the technology and gadget person. Had to have the latest and greatest. I would explain the features and operation of these things to my dear wife, who would listen out of kindness. Then it happened.....

It started the day I got her a laptop. A Micron XKE with docking station, including onboard LAN and SCSI. Her own SCSI ZIP drive, (my old external one actually). Introduced her to hardware and software to make her manager job easier.

Now we have a second docking station for her at work, cause their PC systems are poor. She also has her own printer cause it's better than the one they have at work and it always works. (Park district's can be cheap).

I upgraded my PC speakers and was going to sell the others..."no your not, that will match my stuff!" (black Altec Lansing system).

Seeing her struggling with her THICK planner, I got her a Palm Pilot. "What am I going to do with this?" turned into almost daily rendition of "check out this feature" or "next time your online check 3Com for software updates."

A few days ago it was a new emergency weather radio. Now "we" are excited about the new Pocket PC's. When the mail comes, I get the Victoria Secret catalogue while she breezes through the latest Maximum PC, or PC Connection.

I wish we could just go back to clothes and jewelery. Life was simpler then.....

22nd April 2000, 21:57
Hey, SCompRacer, look on the bright side, at least you can come bouncing into the room where she is and wax poetic for 20 minutes on the specs of some new HW and not get a glazed look anymore...

I know change is hard, but I love it when people learn something about their PCs and get excited about it, so sorry to say, no sympathy for you here.

Just remember not to talk down to her: the fact that she probably doesn't know (and perhaps has no desire to know) everything about her PC doesn't mean she knows nothing.... I've had that problem with others and it's very annoying-- I certainly wouldn't want to think of you that way http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif.

Maybe you should order youself something silky from that catalog (they do have a small selection of boxers and robes, I believe) and remind her that there's more to life than work and PC HW....

I do love it when the shoe is on the other foot.... lol.


23rd April 2000, 01:14
What are you complaining about?
That's a great thing having a wife that likes computers.
Just imagine the opportunities it gives to you. Why not if you want to make her a gift, you may just buy her a CPU (at the first time I'd buy something more classic to, like a ring or whatever to check wich she liked more). It would be less of a headache to buy something that pleases her if she really is a computer fan now. (Well I never spoke about being romantic, did I?)

Good luck with your "monster",


23rd April 2000, 05:11
No sympathy for me? Women can sure be hard on a guy......

My intent was not to make it seem like I was unhappy with her, been together for 26 years now. It's the fact that I have transmitted an addiction to a loved one!

23rd April 2000, 06:21
I know what your going through SComp http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Where it is nice that your spouse shares those interests - mine is into stereo equip, guns, fishing, and now computers as well. It can be a problem when she wants an upgrade at the same time your planning to do something with your systems...and those wives always get their way...LOL

The one nice thing is that my wife did work her way into a higher paying job since she became computer literate. Because of the organizational skills she developed she went from teaching in the classroom to Head teacher at her school.

Her last upgrade was to go to a totaly cordless setup so she can kick back and be comfortable while working...I still have my $20.00 keyboard...LOL
And now that I'm finally using the Dual Head feature on my system she wants to be able to use my monitor as a secondary for her's. So the next upgrade is to get a new VGA switchbox for two monitors and more monitor cables. She keeps my twice as busy as I used to be with just my system...LOL


23rd April 2000, 08:48
Ain't it great ALBPM? I hear you about the upgrades, my keyboard is still only a $10 one. It used to be I supplied the ideas to help her, but she has gained so much knowledge now she gets the ideas.

She has always been supportive of my hobbies and got involved with them, mostly so we could be together. Racing, photography, golf, shooting. She even had her own M16 (I was a class three dealer at one time) and shot very well. The only thing she never did get involved with was hunting as she can't stand to see anything killed.

23rd April 2000, 11:51
I wish my girlfriend was that understanding!

She believes that i spend all day looking at porn on the .net

23rd April 2000, 18:11
HEHEHEHEH... We know better, Paddy


T'kul Bastile
23rd April 2000, 19:56
Ya. I thought it was all day and half the nite. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif