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18th April 2000, 16:00
Would anybody be interested in a set of Forums aimed specifically at "Creative Stuff"?
I've "mocked up" an example of such a thing - here;
pub7.ezboard.com/bdarkcafe (http://pub7.ezboard.com/bdarkcafe)

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20th April 2000, 06:44
The Forums are;

You write (Discussion about your writing - stories, reviews of amateur fiction, screenplays, poems - whatever you like)
They write (Discussion about published writing - novels, comics, plays, lyrics, journalism - whatever is in the public domain)
Music (Discussion about music - classical, pop, ethnic, film music, music videos, bands, clubs)
Moving pictures (Discussion about films, soaps, videos, cartoons, TV ...)
Still pictures (Discussion about pictures, paintings, photos, drawing, sculpture, jewellery, coins, etchings ... whatever)
Performing Arts (Acting, singing, pole-dancing, busking, conducting religious ceremonies and generally showing off)
Machine for living in (Architecture, furniture, decor, gardening, designed household objects)
skinned (... fashion, clothing, lifestyle, cars, makeup, fitness, beauty, health, shoes)
Dark Corner (General conversation and flirting)

Please visit or tell anyone who you think might enjoy visiting http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

20th April 2000, 14:44
interesting...i especially like the thing on moving pictures & they write. the dark corner might be cool, it would help if my question on pictures in members profiles would fly, but it probably wont...
i don't know if there is a place of this in murc but funnier things have happened...

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