View Full Version : OE5 and win2k

16th April 2000, 23:16
i just formatted my hd and installed win2k advanced server. before formatting, i backed up the c:\windows\application data\ folder. im trying to import my old email messages back into outlook express 5, but im having trouble. can anyone help? thanks

17th April 2000, 05:03
Sure can.

Start -> Run -> regedit

browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Identities -> {a bunch of numbers} -> Software -> Microsoft -> Outlook Express -> 5.0

In the right pane look for a key named Store Root, double click and set it to where your mail .dbx files reside. I suggest setting it to something like C:\MAIL and then moving what was in C:\Windows\Application Data\Identities\{bunch-o-numbers}\Microsoft\Outlook Express to this new folder.

You set it the same way in the Win98 registry and you get Win98 and Win2k both use the same folder.