View Full Version : Almost 3rd week in April, still no Windows 2000 for me! (thanks to Matrox)

Mr. Cold
14th April 2000, 10:47
Damn you Matrox. I would have hoped that those few months after Win2k went RTM but before it was on store shelves you would have had enough time to create COMPLETE WORKING win2k g400 drivers, but I guess not.

I *SPIT* on you, Matrox.

(p.s. - No, I'm not going to use Win2k right now with excruciatingly painful 75hz refresh rate that kills my eyes.)

14th April 2000, 10:52
Soap Box fodder for sure....so that's where it's going...

14th April 2000, 11:01
I ask for this thread to be deleted in total!!!

As Kruzin should've done so already, or locked it totally... For this will give us all an incentive to BBQ the hell out of Mr. Cold, prolly making him warmer than we want to http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

....with excruciatingly painful 75hz refresh rate that kills my eyes

Anything else will kill your eyes, so why bother? Why not downgrade to Win98 or a 14" monitor at 640x480x16 colours, which seems suitable for you?

Jeeesh, he has a good card, he doesn't want 192fps in a FPS game and still he finds something to nag about...

Kill him, girls!


When I chose to go out
I always leave the light on
when I have to stay in,
you always find me by the phone.

My friends tell me that I'm lucky,
now that I'm living on my own,
and while they've never been more right,
can someone tell me when will love come home?

DJ Jean,- Love come home.

14th April 2000, 15:19
Now, now, Jorden, let's not be hasty here...

Mr. Cold has apparently forgotten that
<center><font size=6 font color="red">THE MURC IS NOT MATROX GRAPHICS, INC.!!!</FONT></CENTER>

He also seems to have forgotten his last encounter with us... well, not <u>all</u> of it, at least his pointless and disgusting post is not full of profanity this time. Of course, he makes up for that with some rather vile imagery.

Personally, I'd say we're overdue for a rousing game of "mouse volleyball" (not PC mice-- some of my fellow cat companions will surely know what I mean), and someone expressing such unsavory sentiments as the above (no matter what his "justification") seems to be the perfect candidate for the mouse.

Or, we could just ignore this stupid POS.

Up to you, MURCers.

You have a day or so, or until somebody crosses the line--- you all know where the line is, right? If you don't, read the FAQ and/or keep quiet.

Love ya, kids!

Holly "I'm a b*tch, not a tyrant!" Berri

14th April 2000, 16:26
As if he ever reads this again http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

14th April 2000, 16:39
Hehe, *SPIT* on the Matrox card, put your tongue on it and see if it feels better. Don't forget to leave your system running while doing this, then we will all enjoy it better http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

14th April 2000, 16:59
This is the best advice we can give someone like you.


14th April 2000, 17:08
ROCHL DJ http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

The Rock
14th April 2000, 17:49
/me spits on Mr. Cold for having parents too dumb to understand the directions on the condom box. Don't blame Matrox for the fact that you have an IQ that happens to be less than the amount of socks I have on.

The Rock

14th April 2000, 18:43
Oh!!No!! My dog just ran off with one of my socks.....


14th April 2000, 20:09
djroberts, nice one!!! Air-brush posting, would make a great t-shirt.

Johnny Ray
14th April 2000, 20:38
I'll never understand posts like this. A friend of mine recently decided to upgrade from Pentium 90(!) (she obviously isn't on the "bleeding edge"), and to build the system entirely by herself, which she had never done before. I recommended some components, including a G400. She put it all together, installed Win2K with no problems, and absolutely loves it. She says that it was not much of a challenge, and what's this about overclocking, and should she try it. Granted, she's pretty bright..........

15th April 2000, 10:06
Mr. Cold,

Exactly where (desktop, OGL, D3D, etc) and what resolution are you having the problem with a 75 Hz refresh rate?

You can simply set the desktop refresh rate in Display Properties, with the exception of 1152x864 -- in that resolution the Win2k drivers for a reason unknown to me won't allow anything higher than 75Hz. (It has 85 Hz at 1200x1024 though.)
I've read somewhere that 1152x864's only standard VESA timing is 75 Hz. The Win9x drivers can still run it at 85Hz just fine. In Win2k you can install the latest version of PowerStrip (www.entechtaiwan.com I believe) as it is now able to force a 85 Hz refresh rate in 1152x864 with the G400 Win2k drivers.

The DirectX refresh rate (which applies to both 2D DirectVideo and Direct3D games) can be set in DXDIAG's More Help page (Start-Run-dxdiag) or in the DirectX control panel applet if you have it installed.

In Quake3 (OGL) you can control the refresh rate with a console variable, create a file called "autoexec.cfg" in your Quake3\baseq3 folder, then put the following line in it:
seta r_displayRefresh "85"

Granted all this is a lot more hassle than it is in Win98 where all you have to do is install your monitor's INF file correctly and everything automatically uses the highest optimal refresh rate available.

Speaking of spitting, the fond memories of Monkey Island 2 came to my mind. Remember the spitting contest? Or was it in MI1?

15th April 2000, 11:25
MI1, I think, fds... though amazingly I don't remember that nearly as vividly as the "Spitting Door Chime Puzzle" in The NeverHood (which prolly I alone played, right? It was a big deal at the time, Dreamworks' first game, animated in clay--or Klay)... It was lots of fun watching Klaymen take a drink and spit it into the pitchpipes to change the tone... at least it was the first 4 times... but given that the correct solve took some 15 or 20 spits (not counting any testing you might have done for tone), and a mistake meant dumping all the water and starting all over again....

Another example of an innovative puzzle not completely thought out....(the most annoying kind, no?)


15th April 2000, 11:35
Wasn't there some spitting involved in Discworld as well?? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

15th April 2000, 16:45

If you spit on Matrox does your body temperature drop?

This is really the way to get things done aint in Coldy. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif